The Media’s Mishandling of Ole Miss Rebels Star Marshall Henderson

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Say what you want about Ole Miss Rebels star, Marshall Henderson, but he rarely leaves the world of college hoops with a dull moment. Now, after news broke about the guard being indefinitely suspended, everyone wants to take down the polarizing […]

You are Helping ESPN Ruin How the Media Covers Sports

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ESPN was once a “Sports News” network. Not the debate and debacle format you see today, I swear. I used to wake up in the morning, put on the picture-box and set it to ESPN. The show would be composed of […]

How Ice Cube ‘Really’ Messed Around to get that Triple-Double

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It is stuff of legends by now. Many years ago after the NWA but before Are We There Yet, rapper-turned-actor-turned-Coors-Light-spokesmen Ice Cube got himself a triple-double. Sadly, lost throughout the years is exactly how one man selfishly accomplished such a feat. Like most things […]

Tweet Mania 2013: LeBron James Edition

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I have a love-hate relationship with the Internet. Sure, being that it is an inanimate object and all, me having any emotional feelings about it is awkward at best, but I digress. You see, the thing about the wonderful realm […]

Recasting the College Basketball Movie Blue Chips


Jason Collins “Story” Is A Tolerance Issue, Not an NBA-Only Topic

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a few hours now since the Sports Illustrated story of Jason Collins went public. While we are all trying to rationalize or positions on the issue — both sides equally polarizing and easily justifiable — sports have once again thrust a […]