10 Reasons Why LeBron James is a Better Person Than You


Miami Heat’s LeBron James Imitates Forrest Gump in New Nike Commercial


I’m sure that most of you have seen the Tom Hanks film Forrest Gump. As you remember, Forrest decides to go on a run across the country, leading people to see him as an inspiration and decide to follow him on his […]

Mark Cuban Compares Miami Heat to Oakland Raiders


There has always been a certain amount of animosity between the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks franchise. But when Mavs’ owner Mark Cuban compared the Heat to the Oakland Raiders, it only added fuel to that fire. Cuban said to the Sun-Sentinel, […]

From One to Champion to Another, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Visits Miami Heat


This past Sunday, the infamous Floyd “Money” Mayweather paid a visit to the two-time defending NBA champion Miami Heat. Mayweather has been a longtime fan of the Heat and has attended multiple games throughout his illustrious career. Much like the Heat, Mayweather […]

Miami Heat’s LeBron James Tops Jersey Sales Around the World


It should come as no surprise that Miami Heat‘s LeBron James has the top selling jersey in the world right now, but three years ago, that would be somewhat astonishing news. When James appeared on ESPN’s “The Decision,” he went from being […]

Miami Heat’s LeBron James to Bring Back Pregame Ritual


For many, many years, LeBron James started off every game by mashing some chalk between his hands and then clapping those hands together to create an array of white dust to rain down from above. In the 2011 playoffs, he brought this ritual to a […]

Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade to Have His Own Brand of Socks


According to an article in the Miami Herald, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade will have his own sock collection with designer sock company “Stance.” It was reported in the article that Wade owns over 400 pairs of socks, which is far more socks than any one individual could possibly need in their […]

Miami Heat’s Chris Andersen Caught Up in Internet Hoax


According to an article on msn.com, Miami Heat forward Chris Andersen was the victim of an internet hoax started by a woman in Canada. “Chris was a victim,” said Mark Bryant, Andersen’s lawyer and agent. Sources state that this woman from Canada, […]

Miami Heat’s LeBron James Set to Wed This Weekend in San Diego


According to the New York Post Page Six, Miami Heat star LeBron James will tie the knot with longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson this weekend in San Diego. It’s said that the wedding will take place at either the Grand Del Mar […]

Miami Heat’s LeBron James Booed at Dallas Cowboys Game


According to an article on ESPN.com, Miami Heat star LeBron James was booed by the Dallas Cowboys faithful when shown on the jumbotron of Sunday’s game against the New York Giants. James was invited to be the guest of Cowboys’ owner Jerry […]

Dennis Rodman Aims to Bring Former NBA Greats to North Korea on Next Visit


According to an article on ESPN.com, former Chicago Bulls star Dennis Rodman would like to convince some of his previous NBA colleagues to join him on his next trip to North Korea. Rodman has visited Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader […]

LeBron James Set to Be Executive Producer on New ‘Starz’ Sitcom


According to an article written by the Associated Press Tuesday, LeBron James will be the executive producer of a new Starz sitcom titled, “Survivor’s Remorse.” The show will follow two men from the streets who attain success, one in the NBA […]