SEC Nation: Bret Bielema and life at the top of the College Football Space Race


Sundays are for church. Saturdays are for the gridiron. Such is life south of the Mason-Dixon, east of the I-35. The University of Wisconsin – by all accounts a fabulous institution of higher education and a Big Ten juggernaut in […]

Buffalo Bills 2012 Season Preview: Why Do I Keep Doing This To Myself?


“You can’t help who you love.” – Anonymous, probably someone who drank themselves to death. Hi, I’m John Gorman. Rant Sports columnist. Rock snob and hip-hop populist. Crusader for social justice. Beer connoisseur and renaissance man and purveyor of pretentious […]

Boston University Hockey Scandal: Sex is not a trophy.


So, the Boston Globe got it’s hands on some private documents supporting a Boston University report on the hockey team’s “Culture of Sexual Entitlement.” Now, the Globe buried the lead including “Project X”-like accounts of hard partying and class-skipping, but […]

The 20 Best Rivalries in Sports

Rivals push the world forward. They inspire to be your best, for no other reason than to ensure your rival isn’t. They drive us to achieve unattainable heights and stoop to unspeakable lows. A rival is someone to whom you’re […]

2012 Football Kickoff: College gameday is nostalgia at it’s finest.


Tomorrow begins the Saturday Slamfest known as college football. The tradition, the pageantry, the other words ESPN trots out specifically for this exact weekend. I’ve now been out of college for nearly eight years, and there isn’t a day that […]

2012 Football Kickoff: What it takes to be Number One


I’ve long considered Vince Lombardi one of my key unwitting mentors in my life. I made Lombardi’s words my senior quote in high school, which was some 10 years ago. However, I’d never been versed in his landmark “What it […]

2012 Football Kickoff: Best Tailgate Accessory – The Salsabol


I get frustrated easily. One football-watching activity that really boils my blood is trying to scoop salsa out of a salsa dish. You take your chip, and you scour the province of salsa-land for that chunky, spicy, tomato-y goodness, and […]

San Antonio Missions Mascots Are Cute and Spicy


Wildcat. Wolverine. Bear. Bull. Warrior. Pepper and Taco. Wait, what? In Texas League Double-A, the San Antonio Missions play dozens of home games and do their best to entertain the thousands who willingly subject themselves to 100-degree temps with unspeakable […]

UNC Academic Scandal: NCAA says no rules broken. Move along, people.


Welp, I’m sure you were waiting on pins and needles to see how the sword of justice would strike down upon North Carolina in the fallout from the UNC Academic Scandal. Admit it, you were. Well, let the record show […]

2012 Football Kickoff: 10 Iron-Clad 2012 NFL Season Predictions


Any website can sit there and sit there and take stock of the league, and try and go out on what they believe to be a perilous perch, and posit predictions. That’s fine. This website’s one of them. But I’m […]

I Miss Pat Summerall


When I die, I want Pat Summerall to give the eulogy at my funeral. I know what you’re saying to yourself, that this is highly unlikely. After all, Mr. Summerall is north of 80 years old and has a far […]

How the Buffalo Bills gave a diehard Hall of Fans nominee his life back


Many diehard fans live and die with their favorite team. For Bart Upchurch, ‘die hard’ is both a literal definition and an understatement. Bart’s story of passion, survival and redemption netted him one of 10 finalist spots to be inducted […]