Vince Young used to be carried in the arms of cheerleaders


Emotional frailty has no place in NFL football. Perhaps in other disciplines, the depressed and dejected can be built up and coached up to become tough, confident and successful. The NFL doesn’t have that kind of patience and understanding. Such […]

Calculating Infinity: Lance Armstrong Doping Edition

I want so badly to be outraged. I do. I want so badly to be surprised, to be shocked, to be stunned. I want to sit here tonight with my head in my hands, half-drunk scotch over half-melted rocks on […]

Augusta National and the Importance of ‘My Idea’


You can do a lot of opining today about whether letting women become members at Augusta National is good or bad or even relevant as a milepost on the highway of social progression. You can do a lot of reading […]

PEDs in Sports? I Say Let ‘Em Cheat


Melky Cabrera, you’re alright with me. Even if your name is Melky. When you get back to the game, I want you to start taking whatever it was you were taking before, again. Steroids. Human Growth Hormone. Adderall. Greenies. Blue […]

2012 PGA Championship: Will anyone care?


The world’s best players are gathered together this weekend, with a chance to create a legacy for themselves, winning an event that could rocket them into the pantheon of current greats, or add treasured hardware to their stockpile. But I’m […]

Jason Whitlock throws shade at LoLo Jones and Serena and You, because, why the hell not

Jason Whitlock is a man of considerable writing talent. I mean that. Few writers mince fewer words and drive home a point so succinctly. But Jason Whitlock‘s values compass is perilously out-of-whack with progressive social norms. And his delusions of […]

Lolo Jones, NBC and the Science Behind the Hype Machine


A lot of ink’s been spilled over American hurdler Lolo Jones for a myriad of reasons. She’s a 30 year-old virgin. She tripped over the final hurdle four years ago in Beijing. She’s parlaying her looks into endorsement money without […]

Top 10 Best Bar Sports


If you’re like me, after you get a couple o’ brews in ya, you start looking for various ventures to keep your ever-shifting mind occupied. Also if you’re like me, if those various ventures include aesthetically pleasing members of the […]

SHOCKING: Many Attractive Young Adults Engage in Olympic Village Sex


Olympic Village Sex isn’t new to me. In the summer of 2004, I went on a date. This is hardly revelatory; I did that a lot of that back then. She was a lovely gal. But while we were out, […]

Serena Williams: Greatness in the Heart of Darkness


Serena Williams won her 14th Grand Slam Title Saturday. In case you don’t know what the number 14 signifies in her profession, here’s a list of the Top 5 WTA Career Grand Slam titleholders: Titles # 1. Steffi Graf 22 […]

Roger Federer and the Futile Quest for the Definitive


Yesterday, Roger Federer won his record-tying 7th Wimbledon championship, and his record-extending 17th Grand Slam title. He became the oldest Grand Slam title winner since Andre Agassi at the 2003 Australian Open. He thwarted Andy Murray’s bid to become the […]