The Philadelphia Daily News Want the Flyers to Finish Off the ‘Cowardly Penguin’ Sidney Crosby Tonight


The Philadelphia Daily News usually has some pretty clever titles on the back page, but they have outdone themselves this time.  Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby has had his face Photoshopped onto the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz and said […]

ESPN Erroneously Retweets From a Fake Adam Schefter Account That Tim Tebow was Going to the Jacksonville Jaguars


Well it’s offical Tim Tebow is offically a member of the New York Jets, but hopefully you weren’t fooled by a ESPN tweet above.  Apprentely the World Wide Leader in Sports didn’t notice the account was a parody acount of Adam Schefter. […]

Former New Orleans Saints Tight End Jeremy Shockey Attacks Warren Sapp on Twitter for Being Called Snitch in Bountygate


NFL Network analyst and former NFL player Warren Sapp said earlier said he knew he heard who the snitch was in Bountygate involving the New Orleans Saints.  He said it was former Saint and current Carolina Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey. [blackbirdpie url="!/QBKILLA/statuses/182546899096715264"] If […]

Why the Broncos Tim Tebow Could Become an Instant Legend This Weekend


Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has the chance to become an instant legend this week if he picks up another win this weekend against the New England Patriots. I’m not saying he will be considered one of the greatest to have […]

Mike Milbury Calls the New York Rangers the Bluesh*ts on the Winter Classic Pregame


Mike Milbury just got back on air and what does he do he calls the New York Rangers the Bluesh*ts. He says they aren’t the Blueshirts anymore more they are the Bluesh*ts.  I thought I was the only one to catch […]

Video: Tim Tebow Autotune ‘All He Does is Win’

Say what you want about Tim Tebow but the truth is all he does is win, which is the idea behind an auto-tune video from ESPN’s First Take on YouTube. I have to admit I could not stand Tebow when he […]

Top 10 Most Valuable NHL Franchises


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At 73 Years Old Former NFL-CFL QB Joe Kapp is Not Afraid to Drop Somebody (Video)


You have to watch it to believe it two 73 year-old former CFL players fighting about something that happened 40 years-ago.! And watch it I have (at least 15 times), Joe Kapp and Angelo Mosca duked it out at […]

The Minnesota Wild Sign 51 Year Old Paul Deutsch


So what happens when your starting goalie is out for personal reason and the netminder you call up won’t be able to make it time?  Well if you are the Minnesota Wild you sign a 51 year-old recreational player from the area. […]

High School Football Coach Supposedly Gave His Players His Password for Porn


In Westport, Connecticut an assistant high school football coach has been removed from the school for allegedly supplying some of his players with his password for a porn site. Here is the link to the video from WTHN News 8: Coach allegedly gave […]

The St. Louis Cardinals Rally Squirrel Achieves Legend Status from MLB


According to an article from the MLB has added a ‘Legends are Born’ video for the St. Louis Cardinals Rally Squirrel. Major League Baseball has added a fifth member to its “Legends are Born in October” ad campaign. Previously, the […]

If You Do Not Like Kenyon Martin He Hopes You Catch Full Blown AIDS and Die

Former Denver Nuggets forward Kenyon Martin is not a fan of haters and as the title indicates that is what he hopes happens to you.  Martin who goes by @OakcliffBully certainly acted like his username as he verbally assaulted many fans through […]