2012 London Games: Nobody Can Catch Usain Bolt


The first thing I should note, as I couldn’t keep track of the Jamaicans smoking the U.S., is that Usain Bolt is really the greatest track showman. He’s a showboat, a demigod and a natural-born athlete, the sprinting sensation of the world, […]

With All Due Respect, Hope Solo Gets Save for U.S. Women


When the clock finally expired, Hope Solo met her teammates at midfield for a group hug, then leaped in the air and wrapped herself in the American flag. The U.S. goalkeeping star wasn’t always a genuine sweetheart, or wasn’t always […]

2012 London Olympics: A Dynasty at the Beach Like No Other


The nation’s best volleyball players, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings had a wild party on the sand Wednesday night. The game ended, and May-Treanor danced and then ran around like a little girl at the playground, celebrating and hopping in the […]

With Failure After Failure, Lolo Jones Doesn’t Live Up to Hype


And so it ends, without Lolo Jones earning a medal to drape around her neck. For the American hurdler who has been criticized so much, it’s quite iconic with what happened to Jones again in these games, heartbroken and disillusioned, fighting through much adversity […]

Usain Bolt Strikes Lightning On London’s Brightest Stage


He is about to become the king of racing, to be precise. Taking off out of the starting block the minute the starting gun fired at Olympic Stadium, unfazed by the doubts and skeptics discounting him as the world’s fastest […]

Oscar Pistorius: ‘The Blade Runner’ Makes for Wonderful Story, So Don’t Ruin It


The folks of the Olympics don’t understand it, probably because Oscar Pistorius is different from everybody else, a double amputee born with no fibulas in his legs. It’s one of the many inspirational stories to ever bring a glow to the summer games, as the […]

2012 Olympics: Allyson Felix Tries to Exceed Expectations


Allyson Felix sprints into Olympic Stadium with a glare in her eyes, and the body language of a serious competitor, the kind of vibes she brings to racing. It’s about her intensity and emotions, building a winning attitude, on a […]

Michael Phelps’ Historic Feat Enriches Legacy


On Thursday night, he became the king of swimming, the face of a sport that has taken over the Summer Olympics during a generation that Michael Phelps has swam for gold medals in the age of the Swimming Gold Rush. […]

Gabby Douglas Morphs Into World’s Greatest Gymnast


Gabby Douglas was given the nickname Flying Squirrel for a reason. Simple. That girl can fly and has become a gymnast of distinction and charm, an athletic figure with courage and guts of a stuntwoman, a young lady of soul and […]

2012 London Olympics: Phelps Most Decorated Olympian Ever?


Even through his foggy goggles, smiling underwater once he touched the wall, lifting his head out of the water and turning toward the board for confirmation, looking to see where he finished in the race, Michael Phelps knew he had […]

Missy Franklin, the Teenage Darling of America, Pockets Her 10k Gold


It’s obvious the popularity of Missy Franklin has grown in these Summer Games, particularly in America, which she is the new face of U.S. swimming. The masses are closely watching the next golden girl, the teenage queen of the pool […]

2012 London Olympics: Jordyn Wieber Deprived of Fulfilled Promise


The loss of widely the top gymnast in the world, Jordyn Wieber, is agonizing and heart-rending, and some of our American spectators expressed grief for considerably one of the best U.S. Olympic hopefuls, as I did, feeling truly sorry for a girl who was […]