Susquehanna Football Players Allegedly Kicked Off Team for Harlem Shake Video

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  Odds are, few of you if any, have heard of tiny Susquehanna College in Pennsylvania– a member of the NCAA Division III classification which is full of academically-oriented schools where kids truly are students first and athletes second. You […]

Lance Armstrong’s Confession Was Entirely Selfish

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  Seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong finally admitted to what had been all but a foregone conclusion on today’s Oprah talk show filming in Austin — that he had indeed used performance-enhancing drugs during his time in professional cycling. The […]

The Bama Championship Rap is Not a Good Look


  Every year prior big games, we see groups of fans put together rap video parodies about just how great their teams are and how much they are going to overwhelm their opponents when it matters most. With the BCS […]

One-Handed High School Hoops Star Zach Hodskins Is an Inspiration


    When we sit and think about the crappy hand we’ve been dealt, it’s easy to get down and think that we can’t get over the hump. We’ve all had those days– some of us more often than others. […]

Utah Youth Football Coach Arrested for Allegedly Clotheslining Opposing Player

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The world of youth sports is getting ever more competitive as time goes on and parents and coaches continue to live vicariously through the young men and women that take to the field. As we’ve seen in the past, this […]

Attention Denard Robinson: Usain Bolt is Laughing at You


Michigan Wolverines speedy quarterback Denard Robinson has jumped on the delusional bandwagon previously started by Tennessee Titans running back Chris Johnson. This bandwagon? The belief Usain Bolt is vulnerable in a 40-yard dash and could be beaten. Here’s Denard Robinson’s […]

Illinois Football Players are Now Autographing Babies, Evidently

Signing Babies

Across the country, it’s time for college football to get started, and programs are having meet and greet sessions with season ticket holders and other important fans prior to closing the gates to focus on the season. One such event […]

University of Texas Should Be Its Own Olympic Nation

Texas Olympic Medal Count

The University of Texas is one of the more consistent athletic powerhouses in NCAA Division I sports. From one year to the next, the Longhorns are always in the mix not only in Big 12 Conference competitions, but almost as […]

Australia and Austria Confused by NBC Olympics Website

Austria & Australia

Australia and Austria are two different, self-sufficient countries. I know that’s hard to believe. Maybe someone should clue in the good folks at NBC who have managed to make their production of Olympic events a running joke in social media […]

Louisville Academic Support Center to Partner with Maker’s Mark


In a world of college athletics when every program worth its salt is branding everything in site, we shouldn’t be all that surprised to see that sponsorships of academic centers within these departments are coming next. The University of Louisville […]

Friday Fun Poll: Which Tom Cruise Sports Movie Was the Best?

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is in the news this afternoon as it has been reported that his five-year marriage to actress Katie Holmes is drawing to an end. The actor has a well-known love for sports, and over the course of his […]

College Football Playoff System Is a Temporary Fix to a Permanent Problem


When I think of the new college football playoff system, I think of duct tape.  Both are outstanding temporary fixes to permanent problems which, without fail, will require additional attention in the near future. The cries of “Death to the […]