Man Wanted Cleveland Browns Players To Serve As Funeral Pall Bearers So The Team Could ‘Let Him Down One Last Time’

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

When people die, they often have final requests or dying wishes, something they never got to do in their life but would love to have fulfilled before their death. That was no different for 55-year-old Scott E. Entsminger, a lifelong, […]

Philadelphia Phillies: Jonathan Pettibone Pelted with Sunflower Seeds During FOX’s In-Game Interview

Jonathan Pettibone

Over the past few months, two things can be taken away from when FOX broadcasts Philadelphia Phillies‘ games. And those two things would be that the in-game broadcasters like to interview Jonathan Pettibone and that Cliff Lee likes to pelt his teammate with sunflower seeds […]

How Dwight Howard Is Completely Changing the Nature of NBA Free Agency

Richard Mackson-USA Today Sports

Another NBA season has gone by, the Miami Heat have hoisted their second-straight NBA Championship and once again, Dwight Howard is the subject of any and all discussion as he chooses where he will “take his talents” for the 2014 […]

Philadelphia Sports Teams Show they Are #BostonStrong With New Billboard

photo credit: CSNPhilly Facebook page

For anybody that knows Philadelphia sports fans, they can attest that the city likes to consider itself front and center in some of sports’ biggest rivalries. Of course one of these rivalries that instantly rings to mind is the never-ending, […]