Another Sports Work Stoppage Means Fans Need to Take a Stand

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Millionaires versus Billionaires; how many times do sports fans have to witness this? Once again, another professional sports league is in the middle of a work stoppage. This time it’s the league with the worst labor record of any of […]

Rant Sports “What If” – Ted Turner Doesn’t Sell to AOL/Time-Warner?


In January ESPN’s Rob Parker called Atlanta the “worst sports town in America”.  Arguments have been made for and against Parker’s assertion of the south’s capital city, but one thing is certain about Atlanta: Ted Turner put Atlanta sports on […]

Even Lance Armstrong Couldn’t Save Cycling From Itself and the USADA


To me, the question isn’t whether or not Lance Armstrong took anything that helped to “enhance” his performance in winning seven straight Tour de France races. The question is why do the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and various cycling […]

MLB Can Only Blame Themselves for the Melky Cabrera Controversy


You would think when a MLB player tests positive for performance enhancing drugs, gets suspended, and comes clean about it publicly, there would be little or no controversy.  But when you are dealing with professional sport’s least progressive league, all […]

NCAA to Hand Down “Unprecedented” Penalties to Penn State. Unprecdented to Who?


This morning, the announcement was made that the NCAA would hand down “unprecedented” penalties to the Penn State University football program and school.  NCAA President Mark Emmert is to hold a press conference announcing these penalties on July 23, at […]