Toronto Raptors Announcers Make Fun Of Wale


In possibly the strangest NBA story of the night, there appears to be an issue with Wale and the Toronto Raptors. Yes, the rapper Wale was made fun of repeatedly on the Raptors broadcast and it led to some actual […]

Lauren Silberman Will Be First Woman To Compete At NFL Regional Combine

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Combine has morphed into a big business over the last few years. It has even sprung up some satellite combines that take place in different regions across the United States. At the combine in New Jersey, history will […]

Georgia College Player Shoots Worst Free Throw In Recorded History


Free throws are supposed to be one of the easier parts of basketball. There is no one guarding you, which means the shot should be simple. Unfortunately, we see way too many people struggle with these type of shots. Over […]

Lil Wayne Goes After Miami Heat During Concert; Says He Slept With Chris Bosh’s Wife


Lil Wayne is apparently still mad with the Miami Heat. Remember, the rapper said he was kicked out of a game recently and he is not letting that go. At a concert during All-Star weekend, Weezy said the Heat had […]

Lil Wayne Says He Was Kicked Out Miami Heat Game For Cheering For Los Angeles Lakers

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

For whatever reason, Lil Wayne tends to anger a lot of professional teams. Last year, he ran into an issue with the Oklahoma City Thunder. This year, it looks like the Miami Heat are the team that is not happy […]

Blake Griffin Gives Chandler Parsons A Groin Shot After Game


Blake Griffin might be developing a reputation as a master prankster. The Los Angeles Clippers forward has had some wonderful commercials and he has played pranks on cameramen across the league. After a game against the Houston Rockets, he decided […]

Mirza Teletovic Airballs Three Straight Shots


A lot of people with basketball knowledge thought the Brooklyn Nets may have gotten a steal with Mirza Teletovic. The backup from Bosnia isn’t getting a ton of minutes so far, and his performance on Wednesday won’t help him. He […]

Kobe Bryant Throws Down All Over the Brooklyn Nets

  Kobe Bryant may be getting up there in age, but a lot of people in the NBA know that he still has some energy left in the tank. On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Lakers star decided to show people […]

Ram Scores A Hit With “God Made A Farmer” Commercial Featuring Paul Harvey

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The commercials at Super Bowl XLVI were kind of all over the place. A lot of people could not agree on what the best commercials ended up being. However, one of those commercials sticks out in my mind. If you […]

Looking At 20 Super Bowl Ads From Super Bowl Sunday

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Caleb Moore Dies After Crash At Winter X Games

Source:  KMBC

Sad news to pass along today. Caleb Moore, who has been a staple of the Winter X Games, has died after the injuries he sustained a week ago. Moore, who had a horrific crash, suffered a concussion that later led […]

Chris Thomas Trying To Raise $1 Million To Have LeBron James Enter Dunk Contest

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of basketball fans want to see LeBron James in the dunk contest. However, LeBron has always turned down pressure to join the contest. To me, this makes no sense because All-Star weekend should be about entertaining the fans. […]