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Rohit Ghosh

Seinfeld Sports References

Who doesn't love Seinfeld? In fact, it's one of the top sitcoms in India as well. Here are some sports references from the show. Read More

List of Indian Female Athletes

The following list is comprised of female Indian athletes who have either won championships, titles or medals, or set a record in their respective event. Read More

Learning from NFL's Blackout Policy

As the EFLI continues to grow, league management and fans can learn a great deal from the NFL's blackout policies. Read More

Rose's Ruin

Despite giving his life for the sport, Pete Rose is remembered for one mistake. Indian sports fans will find Rose's story to represent the struggle all athletes at one point or another deal with. Read More

Benji's Lessons

Sports fans and young athletes in India can learn a great deal about the harsh realities of life through Benji's story. Read More

Impact of Jay-Z

Fans in India may know Jay Z, but cannot comprehend the impact he has on the sports world internationally. Read More

NBA India: Don't Complain Re: Schedule

A couple years back, the NBA lockout yielded a very rough schedule. Compared to the past, however, it was nothing. Fans in India must read about how taxing the NBA once was. Read More

NBA India: Sterling's Tomfoolery

Donald Sterling was a dark shadow on the NBA. Fans in India must understand the importance of the transformation the Clippers have made recently. Read More

India World Cup Probables

With the ICC 2015 Cricket World Cup just months away, here is the list of India probables. Read More

EFLI Player Safety: Learn from Seau

The EFLI made sure to use sensor helmets to improve player safety. The league can learn a lot from Junior Seau's story. Read More