Top 5 Jeremy Lin-isms


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Number One Seeds Projection (First Edition)


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North Carolina Alumni Top Richest in NBA


Jared Diamond of the Wall Street Journal did a study of NBA players’ earnings based on which college they attended. The WSJ took every player that entered the draft since 1985 and collected the salary data. Then they assigned the […]

2012 Wooden Award Watch List


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Video: Rece Davis Should Chose His Words Carefully


The 2011 Holiday Bowl featured the #21 Texas Longhorns defeating the California Golden Bears 21-10. Cody Johnson finished Cal off with a 4-yard run to put Texas up a few scores. However, Rece Davis’ call of that touchdown was less […]

Video: Riley Nelson Channels His Inner Dan Marino to Win Armed Forces Bowl


With BYU down 21-17 to Tulsa, Cougars Quarterback Riley Nelson channeled his inner Dan Marino by using a bit of trickery. Called the Red Alert Audible, Nelson faked the spike and threw a touchdown pass to the wide-open Cody […]

Video: Little Girl’s Priceless Reaction to Cubs Christmas Gift

If you ever seen one of Jimmy Kimmel’s segments where parents tape their kids’ reactions on their parents eating all their candy or getting poor Christmas gifts, then you’re missing out completely. However, there is one video that might spark […]

Video: Brian Orakpo Merchandise Coming to a Store Near YOU!!!

The Geico caveman and Brian Orakpo seem to have an up and down relationship ever since Brian made fun of him being a caveman during a simple game of scrabble. Since then, they’ve made up and it looks like you […]

Nielsen Co. Unleashes Its List of Most Hated NBA Players

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Was Suh’s suspension part of a practical joke?


Years go by and we get older. We are also expected to get more mature but it doesn’t seem like we can do that and it may have caused an incredible outburst we saw Thanksgiving Day. According to former Green […]

N.Y. High School Kids Suspended for “Tebowing”


Tim Tebow is sweeping the nation. If its not his good-looks or his suave personality in the media or the fact the he summons football skills in only the fourth quarter of football games it is the fact that his […]