20 of the Hottest Female Sports Broadcasters

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High School Quarterback’s “Wedding Bouquet Football Pass” Ends in a Touchdown


A football quarterback usually practices his aim and precision, so this his perfectly spiraled throw lands safely in the arms of his receivers. But sometimes that isn’t possible and you got to do what you got to do. For one […]

Texas High School Cheerleader Sets World Back-Handspring Record


There are a lot of crazy world records out there. The Most Nationalities in a Sauna, The Most Dogs in Costumed Attire, and The World’s Longest Sausage to name a few. One texas high school junior, a cheerleader for her high school team, […]

Alex Rodriguez Strikes Out Three Times, ESPN Uses ‘KKK’ Headline

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An ESPN blogger needed a catchy headline this week for his rapid response blog about the three strike outs Alex Rodriguez suffered in his first post-season appearance. And what do you know, a ‘K’ means a strike-out in baseball language, so […]

TV Reception Crap Out On You While Watching Sports? Blame the Sun.


You just don’t mess with men watching playoff sports.  It’s like an unwritten rule, but apparently the sun (yes, THAT sun) doesn’t get it. For viewers watching the  St. Louis Cardinals and Washington Nationals game yesterday, they experienced the ultimate […]

Iowa School District Wants to Do Away With Running as Punishment


If you did practically any kind of sport in your middle or high school days, you probably had to (or if you’re me, more than once…) run bleachers or laps as punishment. Whether your performance flat out sucked, or someone was goofing […]

Fierce Five Gymnasts Show their Humorous Side [VIDEO]

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  It’s been a solid 2 months since the London 2012 summer games, and if you are like me, you still might be experiencing athlete withdrawls. But the gold medal-winning gymnastics team, featuring McKayla Maroney, Gabby Douglas, Jordyn Weiber, Kyla Ross, and Aly Raisman, have […]

Why Does Gymnastics Become the Forgotten Sport After the Olympics?


If you ask me my favorite sport, I’ll tell you it’s gymnastics. Not every four years, but every day and for my whole life, it’s been my favorite sport (I’ll also argue with you until the death that it is […]

Track star Lolo Jones Apologizes for Insensitive Tweet to Eric LeGrand

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Plenty of people challenge Olympic track athlete Lolo Jones to race. But she is fast, and she knows it, so she usually playfully responds with something along the lines of “yea, okay, good luck.” But last week, Eric LeGrand, a former college football player […]

Baylor’s Pierre Jackson Helps Boy in Need of New Shoes

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Cue the “aww’s!” Baylor basketball star Pierre Jackson recently posted a photo on Instagram that will have all the ladies admiring the true gentlemen’s kindness, and all the men wishing they were more like him. As the caption states, Jackson […]

Gabby Douglas on her Old Gym: “I Was Getting Racist Jokes”


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6BrRgAWaHM We’ve heard the story how Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas almost quit gymnastics when she was younger, and her sister talked her out of it. But we never really knew why the young gymnast wanted to quit a sport she […]

Reporter Jeff Graham Falls for Hoax, Writes About Four Hole-in-Ones That Never Actually Happened


Nobody likes a liar. And nobody hates liars more now than Kitsap Sun reporter Jeff Graham. On August 16, Graham wrote and published a story on how four different players hit a hole-in-one at the same local golf course. John Armstrong, […]