Liam Neeson’s Sportscenter Interview is Awkward

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

The researchers who bring guests on to ESPN’s Sportscenter didn’t do their homework enough this week. Actor Liam Neeson appeared on the show in an effort to promote his movie Taken 2, which he has been publicizing all over the […]

San Diego Charges Use Peyton Manning to Sell Tickets


It’s a new form of two for one shopping deals. You don’t actually get two for a bargain basement price, but you have to buy a second in order to get the first. Huh? The San Diego Chargers are rolling out […]

Why Miguel Cabrera Skipped the Celebration for Clinching the AL Central Title

Look closely in to the picture and what do you see? There are the obvious Detroit Tigers players celebrating their clinching of the American League Central Division title last night. The better question would be, what DON’T you see in […]

Victoria’s Secret Opens in Cowboys Stadium


Jerry Jones is having an image makeover lately. First, he makes fun of himself in a Monday Night Football commercial when he can’t figure out the remote controls to turn on the jumbo screen at Cowboys Stadium. The commercial made […]

The NFL Goes Pink with A Crucial Catch for October


It is October 1st and that means it is the start of breast cancer awareness month. For the fourth year in a row, the NFL is going pink all month during the games to bring awareness to a cancer that […]

The Craziest High School Uniform Award Goes to…Atlantic High in Florida

Atlantic helmet

Atlantic High School in Florida unveiled a new uniform for their football players recently. And the look is….well….unique, to say the least. This football uniform looks like a combination of the Oregon Ducks uniform that ran in to…I am stumped […]