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15 Craziest Rants In Sports History

Top 15 Craziest Rants in Sports History

Dennis Green Rant
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There is nothing more entertaining to watch than any sports figure just completely blowing their top. Usually it comes from a disagreement over a bad call, frustration over a player's performance, or even a simple post or pre-game press conference. Here are the 15 craziest rants in sports history.

15. Bart Scott

Bart Scott "couldn't wait" to talk about the Jets' upset of the Patriots.

14. Anything From Phyllis (Paul Finebaum)

Everytime I listen to any rant from Phyllis (a regular on The Paul Finebaum Show), I start to cringe. Alabama fans are all nuts, but she takes it to another level.

13. Serena Williams Threatens To Kill Line Judge

Serena Williams is the greatest female tennis player of all-time, but this was clearly not one of her better moments.

12. Hal McRae

From 1985 to 2014, this was the only memory I actually had of the Kansas City Royals, which isn't saying much.

11. David Bennett

David Bennett wanted Coastal Carolina to play like dogs instead of cats. My question is what kind of dogs?

10. John McEnroe

No wonder why John McEnroe was called the brat.

9. Pat Knight

Like father, Like son.

8. Mike Gundy

The Pokes haven't done so well recently, so maybe another epic rant from Gundy could turn things around.

7. Bob Knight

Out of Bob Knight's many antics, this was his best.

6. Jim Mora

The Saints couldn't do "Diddly Poo" until 2006 when Sean Payton arrived.

5. Herm Edwards

Coach, why do you play the game?

4. Dennis Green

The Bears are who "we thought they were," an overrated one-dimensional team that miraculously made it to the Super Bowl with Rex Grossman.

3. Allen Iverson

We talkin 'bout practice!

2. Richard Sherman

Crabtree is a sorry receiver, but Erin Andrews is also a sorry reporter.

1. Jim Mora

Playoffs, are you kidding me? Playoffs!

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These 15 rants are the craziest in the history of sports.

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