Start/Sit: Special Thanksgiving Edition

By alexreside

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for: The Special Thanksgiving Edition of Start and Sit. I hope you are setting your lineups and preparing to hunker down for a long day of sitting in your relative’s basement hiding from your crazy cousin whom you are ashamed to admit that you are related to. Let’s just hope that that basement has a TV and that they have a strong wi-fi connection to keep you updated on your fantasy points. If not, then you might want to set your lineups now. And in case you have any confusion, these are the guys you want to start and those are the dudes you want to sit.

Start these guys

Wes Welker–New England Patriots

I was high on Welker after his 3 TDs in the first two weeks, but since then, he’s fizzled out quite a bit. If you think that his TD last week is the spark of a Welker explosion, you might be right. He has been getting into the groove with Brady lately with 13 receptions in the past two weeks. Detroit is ranked 11th versus opposing WR, but the 3 receiving TDs that they allowed last week shows their susceptibility to redzone scores. Welker should slice right through the defense like your uncle cutting through a freshly roasted turkey. Welker is a must start if you are in a PPR league.

Shaun Hill–Detroit Lions

The Patriots defense is one of the worst in the league against opposing QBs, allowing an average of 18.3 points per game. You might think that since Jahvid Best is out this week, you should worry about Hill being able to pass so much. So far this season, Hill has thrown over 40 passes in 5 games. Durability is not a problem; his arm is as sturdy as Plymouth Rock.

Dez Bryant–Dallas Cowboys

Dez will not disappoint in this matchup. Though last week Austin seemed to get a majority of the redzone looks, Bryant will pull down a few TDs. Both the Saints and the Cowboys have momentum coming off of their big wins last week, but Dallas hasn’t lost on Thanksgiving in four years. This year, they have Dez to be thankful for and you will be just as thankful if you have him on your team.

Jermaine Gresham–Cincinnati Bengals

In the last three weeks, the Jets have allowed an average of 11 points per game to opposing TEs. The last three teams were Detroit, Cleveland and Houston. None of those teams rely as heavily on their TEs as Cincinnati. Gresham has 42 receptions (highest among rookie TE) thus far this season and you can expect him to see quite a few looks on Sunday.

Santonio Holmes–New York Jets

If you tuned into last week’s game, it seemed like every five seconds, Santonio Holmes was breaking for a huge play. He was catching in traffic, toe tapping the sidelines and burning defenders. The Bengals’ secondary is a little banged up and they are as slow as brown gravy. And even if the Bengals DBs were all healthy, I’d still tell you to start him.

Sit these Dudes

Chris Ivory–New Orleans Saints

Yeah, he had a pretty nice week last week, but he’s a little banged up. Besides an ankle injury, Ivory has the other two worst nagging injuries that a RB can have: shoulder and knee. Even if he is cleared to play, you still have to worry about the return of Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas. If you really are this desperate, then keep an eye on the injury reports to see if he will start.

Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez–New England Patriots

You never know who will be on Brady’s fantasy team each week. I think that Tom owns himself, of course, and he drafted Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez really late and he only throws to the one he decides to start each week. If you’re in Tom Brady’s fantasy league, please let me know. If you aren’t, then don’t start either of them.

Terrell Owens–Cincinnati Bengals

Yes, T.O. will love the Thanksgiving spotlight on him, but so will Darrelle Revis, who has already promised to be glued to Owens. His last two games have been lackluster and with only 7 receptions and a total of 18 fantasy points to show for it, he just might be in a little slump. I like Owens’ height advantage, but Revis has caused nightmares for extremely tall wide outs like Calvin and Andre Johnson. Happy Thanksgiving to the Johnson Family.

Dustin Keller–New York Jets

Wow, I really thought that Keller was going to be the feature of the Jets after his first four weeks. Other players accused Mark Sanchez of having Keller on his fantasy team. Well, those days are over. He must have traded him for Santonio Holmes.

Felix Jones–Dallas Cowboys

Currently listed as Questionable, Jones has yet to truly emerge as the leading back in Dallas. Jones has a sore hip and a sore ego from his fumble last week against Detroit. Usually, I would say that Jones is a better start than Barber, but this week might be the only time I say it. The Saints have only allowed 6 rushing TDs all year. Unless you think Jones is going to be an exception, then keep Jones benched.

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