Week 11 Start/Sit Special Thursday Edition—Eagles/Texans

By alexreside

Start these guys

Andre Johnson

Am I the only one that loved watching Cortland Finnegan get uppercut Mortal Kombat style? Surely I wasn’t the only one watching. My guess is the Philadelphia Eagles’ secondary watched it too. How closely do you think they will want to play Andre “The Giant” this week?

Jeremy Maclin

With DeSean complaining about coach Andy Reid, I expect that Maclin will continue to quietly become the best fantasy receiver on the Eagles. He already has DeSean beat in every statistic except yards per reception, but Maclin is only 5 yards behind Jackson’s 19-yard average. Start Maclin with confidence against the 31st ranked Houston pass defense.

LeSean McCoy

The lowest fantasy game that McCoy has had all season is 5 fantasy points. He boasts an average of just under 14 fantasy points.

Michael Vick


Arian Foster


Think the Eagles' secondary is worried about Andre Johnson? Well, if they weren't already, that fight last week will certainly make them quake. 'Dre-Dre will have a huge game.

Sit those dudes

Matt Schaub

It may seem strange that I say to start the Texans No. 1 WR, but I tell you to sit the man throwing the ball to him. There are a lot better fantasy QBs out there, and if you are choosing between Schaub and another QB, it deserves a second look. While Schaub has thrown 5 TDs with 0 INTs in the last three weeks, he may have a tough time against the Eagles’ pass defense. While  Jay Cutler had no problem on Sunday throwing 4 TDs against an Asante Samuel-less Philly Secondary, Samuel is looking like he may return this week. Keep an eye on the his situation. If he is in, think twice about Schaub.

DeSean Jackson

What have we learned from complaining diva WRs this year? We learned that they can be spectacular fantasy options, but they also can anger the offensive coordinators and QBs, leading to games with very few yards. Will DeSean Jackson’s comments lead him to fantasy exile? Two things you need to know:

1: Jeremy Maclin has more yards, receptions and TDs this season

2: LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant all have more receptions than DeSean Jackson

It’s hard to tell you not to start D-Jax against the 31st ranked pass defense, but Maclin has emerged as a safer bet.

Jerome Harrison

Think of how Willis McGahee is used in the Ravens redzone offense and you can kind of imagine Jerome Harrison’s value. Especially with LeSean McCoy’s bum shoulder, you might think about starting Harrison as a flex play. There are much better options available out there like Mike Goodson and Brian Westbrook.

Brent Celek

Why would you want a big slow TE in the redzone when you can sub in a big fast target named Riley Cooper. Vick hardly looks at Celek anyway. It’s time for another TE.

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