Wide Receivers: You're hot and you're cold...

By alexreside

You may think that you need to have a good QB and good RBs to go into the playoffs, but chances are you are already locked in with these guys and you have been using them all season. A good boost to your team can be noting which receivers are hot and which ones are not. Luckily, we have a list that will tell you exactly that.

Hot List

Greg Jennings–Green Bay Packers

If you held onto Greg Jennings all season, you must really be happy that he is really blowing up right now. Jennings has had a knack for scoring all season, but now Ole’ Greg has had 6 TDs in the past four games. With the Lions, Patriots and Giants up next, Jennings should continue to roll.

Wes Welker–New England Patriots

It’s been lonely out there in double coverage with Moss gone, but Brady and the Patriots are En Fuego right now. 4 TD hookups in the past three weeks should be enough to keep him in your roster, especially with that seven-game TD drought earlier in the season.

Anquan Boldin–Baltimore Ravens

He has had quite a few disappointing games this season, but after his game against Pittsburgh last week, he made a statement. Don’t leave him open or he will burn you. With a questionable Todd Heap and the fact that the Texans tend to leave people always open, Boldin will roll.

Jacoby Ford–Oakland Raiders

At first, I thought lightning couldn’t strike twice, but Jacoby Ford is emerging as the top wide out in Oakland. He has explosive play ability, plus he can rip the ball away from defenders. With two games over 20 points in the past four weeks, he can be a monster. The only problem is that his other two games were for just 2 pts and 6 pts. Those were up against some tougher opponents, but Jacksonville, Denver and Indianapolis are far less than tough. Though you will be rolling the dice, Ford might come up big for you in the playoffs.

Dwayne Bowe–Kansas City Chiefs

Dwayne Bowe is drowning in fantasy points. We can chalk up last week’s 0 point game to Champ Bailey living up to his first name. With St. Louis and Tennessee in Weeks 14 and 15, you might need to send him a thank you card for winning you your fantasy football championship.


ATLANTA - OCTOBER 24: Roddy White  of the Atlanta Falcons against the Cincinnati Bengals at Georgia Dome on October 24, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
He's hot and he's cold, he's yes and he's no. Either way, White is falling.
Roddy White–Atlanta Falcons

This guy has a ton of talent, but right now, his numbers have been slipping. The big worry is that he has a few nagging injuries, and even though he has been getting a lot of targets, he still hasn’t been performing well. I think that he has some real chances to improve over the next two weeks against Carolina and Seattle.

Terrell Owens–Cincinnati Bengals

He still is Carson Palmer’s right hand man, but the past four weeks are a far cry from his 7 TD streak. He still has Pittsburgh, Cleveland and San Diego left. If you have some better matchups, stray away from Owens.

Larry Fitzgerald–Arizona Cardinals

You may look at his stats and think he gets a lot of targets. Well yes he does, but most of those are garbage yards at the end of games. Now his team is too garbage to even give Fitzy some garbage yards.

Steve Johnson–Buffalo Bills

Why so serious about Steve Johnson? He is so unpredictable these days. Usually after a bad outing, he follows it up with a huge game. Cleveland, Miami and New England don’t really pose much of a threat, but I don’t think we can still count on Johnson to deliver.

Braylon Edwards–New York Jets

This is a guy that doesn’t really excel unless the Jets are excelling. He is as unpredictable as any WR out there, but he has some rough matchups on the way. Pittsburgh and Chicago all do a great job of pressuring the passer and stopping the pass. Edwards has only scored in two of his last six games. It’s time to close the fridge on this guy. He’s cold.

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