Start'em and Sit'em: Sunday's early games

By alexreside

Cleveland at Buffalo


Peyton Hillis–He’s a given. Though the Dolphins figured out how to slow him down last week, the Bills really pose no defensive threat except Paul Posluszny.

Ryan Fitzpatrick–I also really like Ryan Fitzpatrick in this matchup. He has Lee Evans and Steve Johnson to throw to and he has hit Johnson 9 times for TDs this season. Surprisingly, Fitzpatrick is on pace for 3,000 yards this season.


Colt McCoy and Jake Delhome–When your best receiver is your TE and he only has 3 TDs all season, you have a problem.

Atlanta at Carolina


Atlanta Defense–As a general rule, you always start the defense that is playing Carolina.

Roddy White–He’s been a little cold in past weeks, but he will rebound huge this week against the terrible Panthers.


Anyone on the Panthers–Mike Goodson might be the only exception, but that’s a huge gamble with Jonathan Stewart back in the lineup.

Green Bay at Detroit


Greg Jennings and Aaron Rodgers–
Do I really need to let you know this? These two are the new Brandy Moss.


Jahvid Best–Best started off hot, but there is very little to like about this matchup.

Oakland at Jacksonville


Jacoby Ford–He’s coming on towards the end of the season for the Raiders and the injury-riddled secondary in Jacksonville is allowing anybody to pass by untouched. Not to mention that he has a great ability to score on punts and kickoffs. He’s a faster, more effective, Dez Bryant with some great matchups along the way.

Maurice Jones-Drew–He’s gotten his Mojo back after a few down weeks in the beginning of the season. He has an excellent playoff schedule, so you have to keep him in the lineup.


Zach Millers–Don’t start either Zach Miller. Both Millers on each side of the ball are terrible fantasy options.

Michael Bush–Don’t expect another 15-point game like last week. They clearly split the carries in Darren McFadden’s favor.

New York Giants at Minnesota


Adrian Peterson–Duh.

Sidney Rice–If you held onto him until last week, it may have been worth it. Can he duplicate his success this week?


Brett Favre–Remember when everybody was excited that Favre returned to the Vikings? I bet now they wished he was still in Alabama playing pickup games with his friends who ALL wear Wrangler jeans.

Mario Manningham–It looks like Steve Smith is returning back to the lineup. It’s not like Manningham filled in well anyway. 17 points in the last 3 weeks is hardly impressive.

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh


Rashard Mendenhall–He has been hit-or-miss all season long, but he can blow up given the right circumstances. You can definitely consider a matchup against Cincinnati the right circumstance. Last time they matched up in Week 9, he put up 18 points.

Terrell Owens–He’s a beast, especially against the Steelers.


Ben Roethlisberger–
The nose knows. Don’t start him, because he is rarely a good fantasy option. The Steelers don’t really lean as heavily as they have in the past. He only put up 9 points last time he played Cincy, and in the past two weeks, he has had games of 10 and 12 points.

Tampa Bay at Washington


LeGarrette Blount–Who hasn’t been able to run all over Washington this season? Washington boasts the worst run defense in the league, allowing 5 yards a carry. Blount has been getting a ton of carries lately and if he gets 20  carries like he did last week, you can expect him to eclipse the century mark again.


Keiland Williams–It looks like Week 10 was a fluke. This backfield is cloudier than Wiz Khalifa’s tour bus.

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