Start'em and Sit'em: Sunday's early games

By alexreside


This game has all the makings of being the game of the week. The Saints are on a 6 game win streak while the Ravens are fighting to get into the playoffs. The big thing that you need to know is that the Saints are going to put up points. The Ravens are probably going to face an uphill battle.


Marques Colston–It’s hard to bench Brees’ favorite redzone target. Colston has been on a huge tear that started in Week 7. Since then, he has averaged nearly 14 points.  The Ravens’ weakest point is their corner backs. Look at Andre Johnson last week–he put up 140 yards and 2 TDs on the secondary. You can’t pass near Ed Reed or apparently Chris Wilson, but surely Colston will get his looks.

Ray Rice–
Insiders are all saying that if the Ravens are going to win this game, the key will be their run game. They need to control the pace of the game and Ray Rice can do it. He may not be performing at a Top 5 back this year but when the matchup is right, he can be an animal. He is fully healthy and should be able to put up 12+ on the Saints who allow an average of 16 points to opposing RBs.


Anquan Boldin–
Just look at his last game–he is a huge decoy except he actually can make plays. They don’t lean on him like they should. Let’s say that Darren Sharper and Boldin cancel each other out.

Chris Ivory–While he may be one of the best rookie RBs, he is a little banged up and Pierre Thomas might be ready to take his starting spot back. Don’t start any of this backfield against the No. 4 ranked Ravens defense against running backs.



Tim Hightower–Hightower is an awkward runner, but he gets the job done. He probably won’t eclipse 1000 yards this season, but he is a good workhorse to have brought into the playoffs with you.

Cardinals Defense–They are the second highest scoring player on the Arizona Cardinals. If you stand back and look at them, they are explosive. A league leading 8 Defensive TDs, matched up against the worst offense in the NFL. I expect a scoreless Carolina team with the Cardinals on top with at least one defensive TD.


Mike Goodson–I don’t know how he lost his starting job to the lowly Jonathan Stewart. Even though Goodson lost it, he still has 3 TDs in 3 games. If only he could stack up some yards to go with it. Until his carries go up, he’s got to stay on your bench.

Beanie Wells–Clearly this is Hightower’s team now. Beanie’s knee injury seems to have been dragging him down all season long. Plus, Beanie hasn’t had a 100 yard game yet.



Terrell Owens–All you need to know is that last time he played the Browns, he put up 222 yards and a TD. The potential is too high to bench him.

Peyton Hillis–


Cedric Benson–Ceddy Benz will have a tough time against the Browns. Even when Benson gets 20 touches a game, he can be only mildly effective, but the Browns can hold a running back down pretty well. They only allow 14.5 points to opposing RBs, which is below the league average.

Colt McCoy and Jake Delhomme–
Jake did terrible last week and McCoy is held back by an ankle injury. Both should be benched because they aren’t fantasy relevant in the first place, but the question of whom will be starting should cement them both on your bench.



Jon Kitna–
I imagine a Michael Vick-like performance 6 TDs and lots of scrambling. OK, not really, but Kitna is having a pretty decent season and up against a terrible defense like the Redskins, he should be able to score easily.

Miles Austin–
He’s been pretty disappointing this season, but he’s got to have a 3 TD game eventually right?


Rex Grossman--the Redskins are the stupidest team in the NFL for benching McNabb.

Santana Moss–Rex Grossman is starting.



Maurice Jones-Drew–
Jones-Drew is on a late-season tear and the Colts are a poor run defense. Start Mojo even though Rashad Jennings is a king vulture.

Reggie Wayne–
Wayne posted 196 yards on the Jags in Week 4. I’d like to think that history will repeat itself. But remember, nobody plays the Colts as hard as the Jaguars, except maybe the Patriots.


Rashad Jennings–
Don’t get too excited about last week. Jones-Drew is the workhorse of this offense. Jennings will get his touches, just don’t assume they will all be TDs.

Peyton Manning–I don’t know what’s wrong with Peyton Manning, but Tony Dungy chalked it up to forcing the ball. This is exactly what he will be doing in this very important game. I don’t like the Jacksonville secondary, but if Manning is playing like he was a few weeks ago in which he went on a three-game, 11-interception streak, it’ll make these Jaguars DBs look like geniuses.



Dan Carpenter–This will probably be a game of field goals. Dan Carpenter can kick a football around the earth and through the uprights. Fact.

Devone Bess–Even though he was blanked last week, he has been a consistent target throughout the season. He won’t post huge numbers, but really nobody will in this matchup.


Fred Jackson–The Dolphins have a tough D-line. I really dislike this matchup. In the last three weeks, they have only allowed an average of 6 fantasy points to opposing RBs.

Steve Johnson–
He’s just ice cold.



Everyone on the Eagles (Vick, McCoy, Maclin, Jackson).


Sit both defenses and Eli Manning. You’re welcome.



Matt Cassel–My good friend also got an appendectomy the same time as Matt Cassel and he told me that he would be able to play in an NFL game. So I’m going to assume that Cassel will start tomorrow.

Sam Bradford–Yes, Sam Bradford is the best thing to happen to St. Louis since Kurt Warner. He is having a very good year with very little weaponry around him. The Chiefs aren’t really successful at stopping the pass and Bradford has a good opportunity to put up some numbers at home this weekend.


Dwayne Bowe–
Though he is cold, I don’t think he’ll put up another zero point week. I definitely don’t think it’ll be a 35 point week, either.

Tony Moeaki–
I really like this TE, but he is hardly a legitimate receiving threat.



LeGarrette Blount–If he can rack up the carries, he will do some serious damage. Blount has been still doing well statistically, but he hasn’t had very easy matchups. Hopefully they don’t run too many times to Suh’s side.

Calvin Johnson–It doesn’t matter who is throwing to him, Megatron is matched up against a second string corner with Aqib Talib out for the Bucs. If he can get the ball, he will be dangerous with it.


Jahvid Best–He hasn’t done anything since the beginning of the season.

Stanton, Stafford, and Hill–
Apparently any of them might be starting this week. Stanton is healthy, but Stafford and Hill are seriously injured, yet aren’t ruled out. This is never a good situation.



Chris Johnson–While he may not be playing like a No. 1 fantasy draft pick, Johnson showed his value last week. The Texans are a terrible defense all around and CJ2K will look a little more like CJ2K09.

Arian Foster–If you matched up against someone with Foster last week, consider yourself lucky that you walked away with only 12 points. This is a much more favorable matchup.


Titan Defense–Early in the season, they looked pretty tough, but with all of the Texans’ weapons back, you should find another option.

Randy Moss–Why is Randy Moss down here when he has the 5th most receiving yards in NFL history?  It’s because nobody knows how to use him or manage him. Patriots, Vikings and Titans. Three strikes and you’re out.

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