7 Fantasy Players on the Downswing

By alexreside

Even if you are playing in the consolation bracket, there is no excuse for failure. If you drafted Ryan Mathews in the second round, lost Jermichael Finley and drafted Kevin Kolb, there is no reason to give up now. So, these are the guys you should stay away from in these last weeks of fantasy football:

Malcom Floyd–San Diego Chargers

How many times have you wanted to strangle Malcom Floyd this year? My count is 4. But honestly, he was a steal in the 10th round for a reason. He’s an unnecessary piece in Phillip Rivers’ puzzle. Last year, Rivers leaned on Vincent Jackson but this year, he has new loyalties. He’ll throw to whoever is open and not injured. Rarely has that been Malcom Floyd. He has only four games over 15 points this season, the rest only amount to an average of 3.4 pts (and I’m not including the four-week stretch he was out for!)

Mike Goodson–Carolina Panthers

He’s got everything against him. His carries have been sliced in half since Stewart returned, he’s listed as probable from an illness, he’s got a short week and he’s facing the No. 1 run defense on Thursday. Best case scenario is that he doesn’t play at all this week and comes back to you feeling 100 percent playing in a garbage game in Week 17 against the Cardinals.

Dan Carpenter–Miami Dolphins

He’s no longer the Amazing Carpet-Installing Field Goal-Kicking Miami Dolphin. He’s just some dude who has a 50 percent field goal completion rating in the last five weeks. If you’re into negative points, D.C. is your new best friend.

LaDainian Tomlinson–New York Jets

I know he was on my list last week, but I don’t know how much more I can reiterate the declining fantasy value of LT. He has been losing goal line carries to Shonn Greene and has seen a slow decline in his yardage and attempts. The Bears are next on the list, boasting the third best run defense in the league. We know Rex Ryan has a thing for feet, let’s hope that he has a thing for watching LT’s fancy footwork in the redzone.

Sidney Rice–Minnesota Vikings

Can we agree that Week 13 was a fluke? We could just agree that his quarterback situation was better in Week 13. I don’t know, that’s kind of a stretch too. Now it looks like Joe Webb will get the start this week.  I don’t like the mix of his inexperience and the tough Philly pass defense. There’s always next year, Sid.

Chris Ivory–New Orleans Saints

For a while there, he had me thinking Rookie of the Year. Now after only getting 7 touches for 47 yards in Week 14 against St. Louis’s battering ram defense and getting blanked by a hamstring injury against Baltimore, Ivory isn’t looking like he’ll get many accolades. He certainly won’t get any accolades from fantasy owners who were counting on his performance in the playoffs. He’s questionable against Atlanta’s eighth ranked run defense, so I’d keep him sidelined.

Jacob Tamme–Indianapolis Colts

Tamme was an excellent pickup if you were lucky enough to get him. Unfortunately, that luck ran out in Week 12. As like most TEs, the value lies in TDs, but with the emergence of Donald Brown last week and the many weapons that Peyton has at his disposal, Tamme hasn’t had a TD in three games. What’s worse is that he is getting about the same amount of receptions, but he is only adding it up to 30 yards or so. Tamme might have a few more good games left in him, but right now he is “free…free falling.” You know, like that rock ballad.

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