Studs, Duds and Fantasy Football--Week 17

By scottrogers

The fantasy season is now officially over. Hopefully you walked away with a championship. If you didn’t (like me) then there’s plenty of people to be angry at. Let’s review.

The Champion

Well Arian Foster certainly knows how to finish. After opening this season with a 41-point explosion, he closes it with a 31-point outburst. The guy probably led a lot of his owners to championships, but I must say, I wish he would have gotten those 10 extra points. I don’t hold grudges, but c’mon.

Other Champs

Ryan Mathews–I left him on my bench. Lost by 10. Would have won by 20. A lot is going to be made about how well Mathews finished this year over the offseason, but don’t believe it. He played the Broncos. We could both rush for 100 yards against their defense.

Tim Tebow–He might be the most valuable QB in the fantasy playoffs with 22, 22 and 27 point showings. Ridiculous.

Michael Bush–Run DMC didn’t play and Bush took advantage. Page the Chiefs, they were supposed to play a game yesterday.

Brian Westbrook–He killed me with 2 TDs in what seemed like a 5-second span. For this, you are dead to me, old man.

Guys That Left You Wanting More…a Lot More

Jason Witten–10 points on the final drive…none before that. It’s nice that he got the 10, but playing against third stringers all game, you’d think he would do a lot better.

All QBs–No one really did that great. Hate to paint with a broad brushstroke, but yeah. It’s true.

Rashard Mendenhall–
He did have 2 TDs, but easily could have had 3 or even 4. With that many points left out there, you have to feel at least a little bit cheated.

Players You Now Hate (Because They Lost You a Championship)

Adrian Peterson–Seriously? Only 30 yards against the Lions, a matchup which Peterson has absolutely owned in the past. This killed A LOT of teams.

Peyton Hillis–He reaaaaaalllly stunk it up in the postseason. Hopefully the Browns can bring in some other talent on offense to take advantage of his skillz.

Players I Love/Hate Score-Tracker

Jamaal Charles: +1
Kevin Kolb: +1
Larry Fitzgerald: +1
Brandon Marshall: +1
Chris Johnson: -1
Justin Forsett: -1
The Rams: +1 (ironic that they have virtually no fantasy relevance in a game they HAD to win)
Joe Flacco: -1
Tom Brady: -1

Last week’s score: +1
Current standing: +12

I was more right than wrong. You’re welcome.

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