Scott's Fantasy Football All-Star Team

By scottrogers

It’s been a weird fantasy season in some ways. We had the usual surprise RBs that jumped to the top of the heap (and will subsequently be over-drafted next fantasy season), but we also had those REALLY surprising performers.

Since I’m in a reflective mood, I decided to compile an all-star fantasy team. Here’s a quick look back at the players that dominated their positions, as well as my overall MVP of the season and an incredibly early look at the potential No. 1 pick in drafts next year.

QB: Michael Vick
I know he missed multiple games, but he was still the leading scorer at his position. That’s simply remarkable. The runner-up, Tom Brady, played in every single game and still finished several points short of Vick’s impressive season. Vick sitting out Week 17 might have cost some a championship, but you probably made it to the game because of Vick in the first place.

RB: Arian Foster
Surprise! I loved him coming into the season, but I had no idea that he would end up as the No. 1 scoring RB. There’s not much else to say about him that hasn’t already been said. He’ll be picked in the top three of next season’s drafts.

RB: Jamaal Charles
Technically he was the third leading scorer at his position, but I like his consistency more than the true second place point’s scorer. I was also really high on Charles, and he did have a great season, but I can’t help but feel disappointed. Imagine if the workload was solely his or at least 75 percent his. He could have rushed for 2,000 yards. Seriously.

Flex: Adrian Peterson
Peterson is mainly here in the flex because of his 3 point total in Week 17. Lost me a championship. Not cool.

WR: Brandon Lloyd
I thought Jabar Gaffney was going to be the hot pickup off of the Broncos at the start of the season. I was wrong. Lloyd finally capitalized on the promise that he had shown sporadically throughout his career and really could have a few more solid seasons in him.

WR: Roddy White
He was the No. 3 scorer at WR behind Dwayne Bowe, but I love his consistency. Sure, Bowe had a solid midseason span where he put up ridiculous totals, but besides that stretch, he was terrible. White was there every week with his comforting 12 or so points. I like comfort.

TE: Jason Witten
Tony Romo got hurt and Witten took off. Go figure. If he would have played, Antonio Gates would have run away with this, but as I’m sure his owners know all too well, he didn’t play much. I remember reading something in Week 11 or 12 about Gates not going to be able to play until the playoffs, like the Chargers making of the playoffs was a foregone conclusion. Bet that guy wishes he could have that headline back.

D/ST: Steelers
The Patriots defense ended the season on an incredible hot streak, but they were roasted a few times too. I’ll take Troy Polamalu and his licensed hair any day.

K: I don’t really care enough to list anyone here.

MVP: Michael Vick
If you claimed him off the waiver wire then you either a) kept him and made it into the playoffs or b) traded him to fill a position of weakness on your team and probably made the playoffs. No one had a bigger impact on the fantasy season than Vick.

Very Early #1 Pick Next Year: Adrian Peterson
Why? Leslie Frazier is the new coach, he’s a defensive coach, wants to run the ball frequently, will probably install a new offense that will take the stretch to the right play permanently out of the Vikings playbook (it’s infuriating, Peterson never gets any blocking and the play always results in a loss), and a rookie first-round QB will more than likely be behind center. Peterson has had back-to-back lackluster seasons by his standards. I think he’ll be huge next year.

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