"Hollwood Heartbreak" Fantasy Quotient: Los Angeles Dodgers

By Adam Jun

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It hasn’t been an easy season to endure for Dodgers fans. To say the least. They have watched as their talented club has toiled in the middle of the N.L. West pack. Legal financial problems also cast a shadow over this proud franchise. That doesn’t mean they are without any fantasy value.


The Dodgers boast two All-Stars in one of the finest outfields in the Majors.

Leadoff hitter Tony Gwynn Jr. does not quite have the bat control of his Hall of Fame dad. Gwynn does feature some speed but not enough for a look on your team.

Andre Either was voted in to the N.L. All-Star team in the final vote, but has actually dramatically under performed. The highly recognized Dodger right fielder has been more bark than bite with a paltry 9 home runs.

Matt Kemp has been nothing short of the N.L MVP, even on a team that needs a lot of help to get back into the playoff race. Kemp has been the quintessential all-cat producer: .315 BA, 24 HR, 72 RBI and 27 SB. Yikes. Those that took a chance on him after a disappointing 2010 have rode the wave to a huge payoff all season.

First Base:

James Loney is the lightest hitting 1B in the league and he isn’t contributing in any other category in 2011 either. In short, no place for Loney on your fantasy team.

Second Base:

Jamey Carrol, swift with the glove, clumsy with the bat.


Rafael Furcal, paid like a superstar, plays like he needs to start looking into softball leagues.

Third Base:

Juan Uribe can be a clutch contributor down the stretch to an MLB club as he showed last season, but he was born in i1979 and hung up his fantasy cleats long ago.


Dioner Navarro and Rod Barajas aren’t even worth a punchline joke. Their fantasy output does the trick on its own.

Starting 5:

Clayton Kershaw has been a genuine ace for L.A. Barring injury, the young lefty will likely spend many seasons near the top of the fantasy heap of starting pitchers, producing wins, K’s and excellent WHIP and ERA.

Chad Billingsley has been a disappointment this season and may be more relevant as the season moves along but his status as one of the games up and coming aces has vanished.

Hiroki Kuroda throws a heavy ball and induces a lot of ground balls. His sinker has provided him a comfortable niche in baseball and he has been a positive contributors to many fantasy teams in 2011.


To the chagrin of many fantasy owners expecting a bounce back season from Jonathon Broxton, the big righty completely melted down. The former All-Star’s failings have paved the way for young Javy Guerra, who has done an admirable job filling in. Guerra presents an opportunity in injury or as a fill in but will need to demonstrate excellence to carve out a regular spot in most leagues.

Fantasy Quotient: 59/100

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