Introducing Your 2012 Undervalued Fantasy Stars (1/4)

By Adam Jun

Every season the best of the best players are scooped up in the high rounds.  You know the Marshall Faulks, the Ladanian Tomlinsons and more recently the Adrian Petersons and Chris Johnsons.  Those guys are a nice luxury to have and often do much of the heavy lifting for your fantasy league.  The one thing all those guys have in common is everyone knows about them. They’re the can’t miss crowd. Essentially you could spend your whole life living under a rock and still know to select theses guys on draft day.

When it’s all said and done you need to find the diamonds in the rough. The dudes coming off an injury, people are down on, or people don’t see coming. They’re fantasy footballs most undervalued stars and they also double as the darling of your team.



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