2012 Undervalued Fantasy Stars: QB

By Adam Jun

No one makes you look smarter than when you get a guy late that performs like a first round pick so let’s cut to the chase. Who is this years fantasy sleeper at the quarterback position, the head of the snake?

You guessed it,  Sam Bradford, the St. Louis Rams second year starter!

Okay, you probably didn’t guess it but that’s precisely the point, right? Neither did any of your buddies so you are one leg up on them going into the season.

Bradford had a very serviceable 2010-2011 fantasy campaign as a rookie coming off shoulder surgery on what was projected to be one of the leagues worst.

Let’s break down why Bradford will in fact outplay his current ranking by a large margin.

For one, Bradford is much more familiar with the Rams offense and personnel than he was going into his first season. That’s just a natural progression that takes place with every starting quarterback, elite level or otherwise.  Two he still plays at least half his games in the friendly comforts of his home dome stadium in St. Louis. Simply put that means to frigid cold Missouri winds preventing him from throwing a perfect spiral to his teams receivers. Finally, that elusive “it” factor in great quarterbacks?

This guy has it.

Sam Bradford was born to be a quarterback and more importantly for your team’s fantasy hopes, he was indeed born to be a fantasy quarterback.

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