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Trade Brandon Marshall Immediately

Maybe the most obvious statement made this week…trade Brandon Marshall. It’s simple and to the point. You know if you own him, this isn’t the first time you thought of such an idea. After week one, you were probably regretting drafting or keeping him on a weekly basis. Personally speaking, I’ll confess I kept Brandon Marshall from last season and boy was I hating that move early in 2011….So I traded him, and you should too.

Nobody can argue the ability Marshall possesses. It is his unquestionable run after the catch prowess that made him a top-5 receiver in the league for some time. Toppled by three consecutive 100-catch seasons, the man was a monster. I strongly use the past tense here, was a monster. Brandon has openly admitted to mild borderline personality disorder. Seriously, how can any case of a personality disorder be mild? This week, Marshall’s newest stunt was admitting that he is going to be kicked out of Monday’s nights game against the Jets, by the second quarter. Wait, what? What do fantasy owners do? He most likely is bluffing, but what if he really does do something stupid? The officials now will be paying extra close attention to the wide receiver after his remarks. Therefore, his actions will be under a microscope and any little thing he does may cost him, his team and fantasy owners alike.

So, now what? First things first, you have to find a buyer who believes his talent will override his mental breakdowns. Next, you have to lower your expectations a bit. You’re not going to get a top-10 talent for Marshall anymore. He is not the same receiver he was in Denver, when he was coveted by fantasy owners everywhere. Personally, I went after a young, up-and-coming talent in my keeper league. You want someone who is on the verge of blowing up, but maybe playing time or an injury has diminished some of his value with impatient owners. It ended up costing me James Starks as well, but I got the guy I wanted more then any other receiver heading into our draft this season….Julio Jones. You may not be able to grab Julio in your league, but shoot for someone in his talent arena. Guys like Stevie Johnson, Jeremy Maclin, A.J. Green and Mike Wallace are obvious favorites of mine. If you could grab one of these receivers in a trade involving Marshall, you better cast your playoff ballot soon after!

Receivers who can replace Marshall, that could be on the waiver wire or available at a cheap trade cost right now are; Pierre Garcon, Darrius Heyward Bey, Damian Williams, David Nelson, Eric Decker, Greg Little, Michael Crabtree, James Jones and Plaxico Burress. I know it’s tough to give up a guy who once had 18 receptions in one game, but those days are long gone for Brandon Marshall. You must get what you can for him now, when he is still on the field. He is still a very capable third or fourth receiving option, by no means does he have zero value. With Matt Moore throwing him passes, this just compounds his problems. I just have a feeling with the Dolphins vying for an 0-16 campaign, Marshall may not stay on the field for very long. He won’t like getting blasted going after an errant Matt Moore pass across the middle when his team has no victories in November. His nickname “T.O. Part 2″ was given to him for a reason.