Fantasy Baseball - Streaming Pitchers For Week 1

By Mark Hock

For Fantasy Baseball I’ve always felt that it’s important to the success of your team to know which pitchers to stream in a given week. Every Sunday I’ll be taking a look at some of the biggest games of the week ahead, a heads up on which pitchers you should stream for your next matchup, and some of the hot and cold players of the past week. Because Week 1 is shortened due to the various Opening Days, I’m going to do a bonus streaming edition today, focusing on players that can help for the weekend. Every little bit helps, especially when there aren’t many games during Week 1.

Saturday April 7th

Chris Capuano He missed several seasons due to injuries, but be had a breakthrough season with the New York Mets in 2011. While he’s not a pitcher I’d want to keep on my roster for very long, Capuano should be a good matchup against the San Diego Padres. Capuano’s biggest weakness is the long ball, and since he’ll be pitching in Petco this week there’s a good chance those long fly balls won’t clear the fence.

The Padres lineup is fairly vulnerable against left handed pitching, meaning that Capuano should have the advantage. It’s a good fit for Capuano, who should beat the Padres.

Jamie Moyer – It’s a rare opportunity for me, as I don’t think I’ll be able to recommend streaming Jamie Moyer ever again. But he’s playing against the Houston Astros, so if nothing else he should be in line for a win. So if you’re hunting for wins, you might as well scoop up Moyer.

Sunday April 8th

Liam HendriksI wrote about Hendriks recently, and as a pitcher with a ton of upside he’s better than the average hurler lying around in free agency. Hendriks will be facing off against the Baltimore Orioles, and that alone makes him worthy of being streamed. Given his propensity for strikeouts, he should be a fantastic addition, one that I would recommend keeping on your team for future use.

Juan Nicasio – Like Moyer, Nicasio will face off against the Astros making him a good starting option. The difference between the two, is Nicasio gives you a much better chance to win. He struck out 7 batters per 9 innings last season with the Colorado Rockies, and over his minor league career he struck out nearly a batter an inning. He’s got the stuff to succeed, and against a minor league lineup like the Astros, Nicasio should be in line for an easy win. Like Hendriks, he’s another guy I’d keep around a little longer, as the upside makes him a valuable play going forward.

Jeff Samardzija – He had a fantastic Spring Training, and earned himself a starting gig with the Chicago Cubs. The Washington Nationals may be a darkhorse candidate for the playoffs, but the lineup is looking painfully shallow. With Mike Morse out with an injury, only Ryan Zimmerman and maybe Jayson Werth rank as above average hitters. If Samardzija can build off of his strong spring, the Cubs could surprise and beat out the Nationals.

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