Is Tiger Woods the Best Fantasy Golfer for the U. S. Open?

Tiger Woods has put on the green jacket three times (2000, 2002, and 2008) at the U. S. Open throughout his illustrious career, and personal feelings aside, he has historically been one of the best golfers at the Open.  Not many fantasy golfers have the experience that Woods has at the course, making him the top pick this weekend.

Even more reassuring is the fact that Woods is coming off a huge victory at the Memorial Invitational a couple weeks ago, and Nike’s million dollar man is finally looking like the player they paid all that money for a couple years ago.  Woods could not have picked a better time to start hitting the fairway and dropping his puts, as the U.S. Open is only days away.  The fantasy world is either in love with Woods, or they want absolutely nothing to do with the recently troubled golfer, but either way they have to respect his all-around talent.

However, he has a combined score of 4 under in his last two victories at the course, which is not even close to the 16 under that Rory McIlroy managed to score in his 2011 US Open Championship.  Woods has not exactly been winning at the course hands down, but to his credit, the Olympic Club course, is one of the most challenging courses on the entire tour.

Regardless of how many strokes he won by in his past victories at the Open, Woods still put on the jacket at the end of the day.  He is one of the most confident golfers in the world and shows it with every swing.  Woods will be the heavy favorite this weekend and thus should be the number one fantasy pick in all formats this week.

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