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Matt Cain’s Perfect Game is Perfect for Fantasy Owners

On Wednesday night San Francisco Giant’s ace pitcher, Matt Cain, pitched the 22nd perfect game in the history of the MLB.  It was a game in which he struck out a career-high 14 batters and pitched the first perfect game in the history of the Giants organization.  The game was not only a monumental game in the San Fran area, but it also greatly affected millions of fantasy baseball matchups.

Cain has always been one of the best pitchers in fantasy baseball, but his most recent performance has established him as the most dominant pitcher in the majors right now, hands down.  He has struckout 96 batters in just over 95 innings of work with an unthinkable 2.17 ERA and an even better 0.85 WHIP.  The 26-year old has amazingly won 8 straight starts for fantasy owners and he is doing it with spotless numbers.  Cain has completely outshined fellow “ace” Tim Lincecum, whose slow start to the 2012 season seems to be lingering into the All-Star break.

Cain will single handedly help fantasy junkies win their matchup this week after his perfect game, a feat like that is just as important in the fantasy world, as it is in the baseball world.  Cain is an obvious fantasy ace moving forward and his value cannot get any higher then it is right now.  He should continue to stay active in every format, especially considering that he has not missed a start in over five years.