2012 Fantasy Football: Miles Austin Heading for Big 2012

By Craig Ballard

There will be several wide receivers ranked higher than Dallas Cowboys 7th year man Miles Austin in Fantasy Football circles, but I look for him to be b-i-g in 2012.

Easy to look for other WR’s considering a pedestrian 2011 for Austin. Just 10 games played due to a nagging hamstring issue, and just 579 yards. But, I see a ton of good news potential for Miles Austin in 2012.

For one, the hammy issue that slowed his 2011 seems to be taken care of. All reports have him looking in great shape these days. When healthy this guy is a legit NFL producer. His routes are getting better and better, plus he has always had a great ability to catch the football. Austin is not a guy that requires a perfect pass from Tony Romo, he has the ability to snatch any pass.

Also, the Cowboys and Romo toss up a ton of passes. It was thought until recently that a lot of those passes would be directed at Dez Bryant. Well, Bryant is having major off-field issues currently which make it very tough to feel confident about his upcoming production.

The last 2 healthy seasons we saw from Miles Austin were each Pro Bowl seasons. Each seasons filled with 1,000+ yards. Each seasons with a lot of first downs catches. Each seasons with a lot of 20+ and 40+ yard big-plays. Each season he was targeted well over 100 times. This guy has become a BFF target for Romo. There seems to be a comfort level/confidence between them. Only poor health has been able to slow Austin lately.

Solidly built at 6’2″ 220, Austin was already going to see a lot of catches, and a lot of touchdowns (just that good) plus add the Dez Bryant issues. New offensive coordinator Bill Callahan will want a guy he can trust to feature in the passing game. Bryant has phenomenal tools, but he is showing he is not a guy that can be counted on (not at this point anyway). Looks like big-time potential for the 2012 Austin campaign.

There are several WR’s that will seem like a “better” pick. Certainly there are other WR’s that are “easier” to select, but if healthy this is shaping up to be a big 2012 for the 28 year old Miles Austin.

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