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2012 Fantasy Football: No Draft Strategy is Better Than Others

So you’re gearing up for your draft for the 2012 Fantasy Football season, but you cannot decide which strategy works better than others. Well, there is a pretty good reason for that.

Because no strategy is better than others.

Fantasy Football gurus will all spout the same nonsense: “Get your star running back early! Draft tight ends later! Don’t take a QB in round one!” Sure, all those are solid tips and if you build your team that way you can win. But how many guys won their league because they took Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees in round one? How many won because they reached for Rob Gronkowski?

Probably a healthy number.

The bottom line is in today’s fantasy football, you have to have several plans going into your draft. Depending on where you pick in the draft and how your draft goes should be what dictates your selections, not a close-minded strategy.

Just because the first few guys in the draft take the runningbacks you were looking for does not mean you should take Darren McFadden over Tom Brady in the first round.

That is a bit of an over-exaggerated example, but you get the picture.

My best advice for new players is to take advantage of the major fantasy football sites having mock drafts, and do as many as you can from all positions in the draft. Get an idea of what players are going where, formulate a strategy for every single pick. I know that is excessive, but trust me it helps.

Of course, no amount of mock drafts are going to simulate your draft. You’re always going to have the kicker-in-round-6 guy, or the guy who picks multiple elite players at the position with the hopes of using them as trade bait.

So don’t beat yourself trying to come up with a strategy and stick with that one strategy no matter what happens. Have contingency plans, because you never know what can happen.


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