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Fantasy Football 2012: Five Rookies to Consider

Every NFL Draft is littered with possible prospects, each of which could become a beast or a bust. Truly, there is no way to tell how well a player will or will not do during his pro career, or what his value will be as a fantasy football player. All we can do is go on statistics and possibilities. Listed in this article are a few rookies from the 2012 NFL Draft class that could and should raise a few interests in fantasy football leagues.

Dont’a Hightower –  (LB - New England Patriots) - It is noted that most standard fantasy leagues don’t include defensive utility players, but for the leagues that do, Hightower could be a huge upswing in tackles per game for your team. Hightower is an All-American tackling machine from the BCS National Championship Alabama Crimson Tide. He will also be making tackles in a run-first division that includes Reggie Bush, Fred Jackson, and someone named Tim Tebow, who I’ve heard likes to run a lot.

Coby Fleener – (TE – Indianapolis Colts) – If you are choosing to pick up Andrew Luck in your fantasy draft, you might as well pick up his favorite tight end from college. Fleener (6ft 6in) caught 18 touchdowns in his career at Stanford. Fleener, the first tight end taken in the 2012 NFL Draft, was the 34th overall pick.

Adrien Robinson – (TE – New York Giants) – Somehow, the World Champion Giants have seemingly slipped through the cracks this off season. Robinson, a tight end selected in the fourth round by the champs, was a four-year state champion with the Warren Central Warriors in Indianapolis, before playing his collegiate career at Cincinnati. Robinson could be a sneaky sleeper pick to replace the hole left when tight end Kevin Boss went to the Kansas City Chiefs last season. Robinson stands at 6ft 4in tall, making him a big target for Eli Manning. The Giants also picked up tight end Martellus Bennett, but the jury is still out on his production or true motivation.

Devon Wylie – (WR/KR - Kansas City Chiefs) – If the Chiefs rebound healthy from their injuries of last season, they could be a top contender in the AFC. One late round draft pick could help this smash-mouth team get better field position on a regular basis is speedy kick returner Devon Wylie. The AFC West is going to be a tough division filled by mediocre teams with question marks abound. A dynamic player like Wylie could make a big difference, especially in leagues that use kick returners yardage as points.

Trent Richardson – (RB – Cleveland Browns) – Yes, Richardson was also on my list of rookies to steer clear from this season. The third overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft could be a ferocious pitbull on the field, or could end up in the doghouse. The Browns have to make the best of this young man’s talents, without wasting them, in a division that prides itself on stopping the run. This dog is literally a coin flip in his first season.