2nd Rant Sports Writers 2012 Fantasy Football Mock Draft: Team 5 Analysis

By Jeric Griffin

In the 2nd Rant Sports Writers 2012 Fantasy Football Mock Draft, I had the 5th pick, which put me in a bind when the top 3 RBs and Aaron Rodgers were gone. So I took a detour to my usual draft plan and ended up pretty well, I think. Let me know how I did!

Round 1, Pick 5: WR Calvin Johnson – I’m obviously not superstitious since I took Johnson 5th overall despite his face on the cover of Madden NFL 13. He’s undoubtedly the NFL’s top WR, so he’s worth this spot.

Round 2, Pick 16: QB Cam Newton – Talk about black cats and broken mirrors; Newton was the runner-up for the Madden NFL 13 cover. However, I couldn’t pass on him in the 2nd round with most of the top RBs already gone.

Round 3, Pick 25: RB Darren McFadden – I don’t know if got lucky in Round 3 or more voodoo was plaguing me, but this high risk/high reward RB fell to me here. Roll of the dice, anyone?

Round 4, Pick 36: RB Darren Sproles – No gamble here. Sproles is the man in New Orleans and he’ll get his number called even more in 2012 with all the turmoil plaguing the Saints.

Round 5, Pick 45: WR Demaryius Thomas – The steal of the draft, in my opinion. Thomas has the potential to be a top 5 WR with Peyton Manning throwing him the ball, so he’s a superb WR2 at this point.

Round 6, Pick 56: RB Reggie Bush – If he puts up the numbers he did a year ago, Bush is a steal in Round 6 and certainly not a bad RB3. That’s obviously not guaranteed, but it’s a good investment at this point.

Round 7, Pick 65: RB Doug Martin – With all the hype surrounding this kid, he might turn out to be my RB1 by season’s end. That certainly makes him a dynamite RB4 in Round 7.

Round 8, Pick 76: RB Jahvid Best – If he can ever stay healthy, Best will be a top 5 fantasy RB, so I piled up on depth with him this late.

Round 9, Pick 85: WR Reggie Wayne – Contrary to popular belief, the Indianapolis Colts are going to throw the ball a ton in 2012 and throw it well. Wayne is the No. 1 WR in Indy, so this pick was armed robbery.

Round 10, Pick 96: RB James Starks – With Ryan Grant out of the picture, Starks has the potential to become the workhorse back he was during the Green Bay Packers‘ Super Bowl run two years back.

Round 11, Pick 105: RB Donald Brown – Yet even more RB depth here with Brown, who will be a featured back in Indy and catch a ton of passes.

Round 12, Pick 116: TE Jacob Tamme – Another Denver Broncos player who will greatly benefit from Manning’s presence is Tamme. I was thrilled to get my starting TE this late.

Round 13, Pick 125: WR Mike Williams – If Vincent Jackson is as good as he was in San Diego, then Williams will be wide open all day in Tampa Bay.

Round 14, Pick 136: WR Emmanuel Sanders – A super sleeper, Sanders will be a stud if the Mike Wallace holdout continues.

Round 15, Pick 145: Lions D/ST – The third-best defense on my draft board, Detroit was still on the board here.

Round 16, Pick 156: K Dan Bailey – Although I always wait until the last round, I don’t just “take a kicker” like most people. Bailey will battle for the top fantasy kicker spot in 2012 and that will mean more to my team than most think.


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