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2nd Rant Sports Writers 2012 Fantasy Football Mock Draft: Team 7 Analysis

I was in the 2nd Rant Sports Writers 2012 Fantasy Football Mock Draft. Here’s my team from the 7 spot:

Round 1, pick 7: QB Drew Brees – I decided to pick Brees with my 1st pick because I see him picking up where he left off last year. The New Orleans Saints did re-sign his number 1 receiver Marques Colston.

Round 2, pick 14: WR Andre Johnson – I still think Johnson is one of the best WR in the game. Especially if he stays healthy and I do love Matt Schaub throwing to him.

Round 3, pick 27: WR Mike Wallace – I know I drafted take back-to-back WR and still haven’t drafted a RB, but I couldn’t pass on Wallace. He isn’t going anywhere and will play for the Pittsburgh Steelers next year. I don’t even think there will be a distraction bothering him during the season.

Round 4, pick 34: RB Steven Jackson – I think Jackson is a steal of the draft and was happy he slipped to me. I love Jackson and think he’s one of the best RB. I expect his stats to pick up this year.

Round 5, pick 47: RB Michael Turner – Yes, Turner is getting older and his stats may still start to slip. But that doesn’t bother me as he will get the TD’s since he’s a monster down by the goal line.

Round 6, pick 54: WR Vincent Jackson – He’s not in San Diego anymore, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be a bad WR. His stats may actually pick up if Josh Freeman has a good year. Also, Jackson will be Freeman’s number 1 receiver and he’ll look for him all the time.

Round 7, pick 67  RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis – I did take a gamble with this pick as he’s the New England Patriots‘ RB and the Patriots don’t run much. However, when the Patriots do run, Ellis is a beast.

Round 8, pick 74 RB Johnathan Stewart – Stewart will not show the stats too much, but I expect the touchdowns to be there. If he does get in shape (Right now, he has yet to pass a physical with the Carolina Panthers.) There’s still tons of time until the regular season and I don’t think that will be a problem.

Round 9, pick 87 TE Tony Gonzalez – I did take the old veteran TE as my starter. Matt Ryan seems to love him and he’s a top target in the red zone like every TE. Gonzalez still has one on the best hands in the whole entire league.

Round 10, pick 94 WR Pierre Garcon – Garcon, to me, is an underrated WR and picks up great stats quietly. His stats did not look too great last year with the Indianapolis Colts‘ QB problems, but I like Robert Griffin III throwing to him.

Round 11, pick 101: QB Andy Dalton – I decided to go with a back-up QB with this pick and Dalton was the best available. I could have gone elsewhere with this pick, but I like Dalton. He has a great 1st half last year and I want to see that continue for the whole season.

Round 12, pick 114: DST Jets – I was surprised they slipped all the way to this pick. Maybe their DST wasn’t the best last year, but I think, they are still one of the best in the league.

Round 13, pick 127: WR Michael Crabtree – Crabtree did have a down year last year after being a 1st round pick the year before. We rarely heard his name last year, but I expect that to change this year.

Round 14, pick 134: K Stephen Gostkowski – I know kickers are usually late-late picks, be he’s one of the best kicker sin the league. I thought he would have gone higher still. He will rack up the points because of the high power Patriots offense.

Round 15, pick 147: TE Greg Olsen – This may have been a little bias pick as there were better TEs left, but I think he’s a great TE that does not get mentioned much. I sure so love Cam Newton throwing to him.

Round 16,  pick 154: DST Green Bay Packers – I did not want to draft the Packers DST being a Chicago Bears fan, but in the case of the last pick, you have to take the best available player at that position.

Depth Chart:
QB: Drew Brees, Andy Dalton
RB: Steven Jackson, Michael Turner, BenJarus Green-Ellis, Johnathan Stewart
WR: Andre Johnson, Mike Wallace, Vincent Jackson (flex), Pierre Garcon, Michael Crabtree
TE: Tony Gonzalez, Greg Olsen
K: Stephen Gostkowski
DST: New York Jets, Green Bay Packers

Finally, I thought my draft went very well and I was pleased by it. I looked for good things by this team for the upcoming season. Yes, it is a good enough team to win the whole entire league!

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