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2012 Fantasy Football Bust Alert: Brandon Lloyd

Many fantasy football fanatics took notice when the New England Patriots brought in veteran receiver, Brandon Lloyd, in the off-season.  The NFL journeyman joins one of the highest scoring offenses in the game and will also get the opportunity to catch passes from future Hall of Fame quarterback, Tom Brady.  Lloyd has been skyrocketing up preseason rankings this year and is being featured in almost every top-20 fantasy receiver rankings this summer.

However, Lloyd is already 31 years old, so his best football is certainly behind him; do not worry if you missed, because you are not the only one.  There is obviously a reason that Lloyd is now playing for his sixth team in his ten-year career.  He has had just as many huge drops over his career, as he has had highlight reel catches, which can be unforgivable for some fantasy owners.

Not to mention the fact that the team has three Pro Bowl caliber receiving options in front of him on the depth chart; tight end Aaron Hernandez, tight end Rob Gronkowski, and receiver Wes Welker.  All three of which will end the year with better numbers than Lloyd, and honestly there are only so many passes to go around in Brady’s overly disciplined offense, which could all but kill Lloyd’s fantasy value.

Lloyd has not come close to repeating his career season from 2010, where he hauled in an absurd 1,448 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns with the Denver Broncos. However, his insane 2010 season more than doubled his previous career numbers, which makes him an ideal candidate for an NFL one-hit wonders special.

Also the Patriots have historically taken chances on players at the tail end of their careers; with Chad Ochocino and Alge Crumpler being the two most recent examples.  Lloyd will have to form a relationship with Brady from day one; otherwise he could end up being cut, as Brady (and his ego) has no patience for unpolished receivers anymore.  New England is not afraid to bring in someone and then let that same person go a week later if they do not fit their scheme.  It has happened before and it will happen again.

Lloyd may finish the year with around 600 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns, but he will in no way live to up the enormous hype following him around.  He is currently being taken in the fourth and fifth round, which considering his past history is way too high.  Lloyd is better off being a third receiver or bench option in fantasy leagues, not the number two fantasy receiver that he is being drafted as.