2nd Rant Sports Writers 2012 NFL Mock Draft: Team 3 Draft Analysis

By Jesus Flores

The 2012 fantasy football season is right around the corner now and as I mentioned previously it’s always good practice to take part in some fantasy mock drafts.

Here are the results of the 2nd RantSports.com 2012 Fantasy Football Mock Draft.

I will give you my reasoning behind every pick I made, after you review it let me know what you think.


Round 1, Pick 3

Ray Rice RB Baltimore Ravens: Really had a tough time deciding whether to go with LeSean McCoy or Rice here, but ultimately went with Rice because he is the focal point of the Ravens offense and will continue to be this season.

Others considered: LeSean McCoy RB Philadelphia Eagles, Tom Brady QB New England Patriots


Round 2, Pick 18

DeMarco Murray RB Dallas Cowboys: I’m really high on DeMarco Murray of the Dallas Cowboys and think this year he has the chance to break out in a big way if he remains healthy. The additions Dallas made on offense are going to help establish the running game early and often.

Others considered: Adrian Peterson RB Minnesota Vikings, Matt Forte RB Chicago Bears, and Darren McFadden RB Oakland Raiders.


Round 3, Pick 23

Greg Jennings WR Green Bay Packers: With both my running backs in place I aimed to pick up a wide receiver here and what better receiver to pick than QB Aaron Rodgers’ favorite target. The emergence of WR Jordy Nelson should help Jennings avoid some of those double teams he saw last season.

Others considered: Mike Wallace WR Pittsburgh Steelers, A.J. Green WR Cincinnati Bengals


Round 4, Pick 38

Aaron Hernandez TE New England Patriots: People think that the addition of WR Brandon Lloyd is going to detract from Hernandez’ targets but I beg to differ. Hernandez will benefit from the attention given to the WRs and TE Rob Gronkowski. It wouldn’t surprise me if Hernandez becomes a fantasy beast this season.

Others considered: Steve Smith WR Carolina Panthers, Dez Bryant WR Dallas Cowboys.



Round 5, Pick 43

Tony Romo QB Dallas Cowboys: Based on last year’s numbers I was honestly surprised Romo was here in the 5th round. With a healthy receiving corps and a true running game Romo should improve his numbers from last season.

Others considered: Dez Bryant WR Dallas Cowboys, Demaryius Thomas WR Denver Broncos.


Round 6, Pick 58

Steve Johnson WR Buffalo Bills: I feel I got great value here. Johnson is Buffalo’s No.1 receiver and should continue making fantasy owners happy. In what I consider a do or die year for QB Ryan Fitzpatrick he should look for his top playmaker early and often. I know “Fitz” signed a big contract last year, but I doubt the organization will put up with another mediocre season from him.

Others considered: Eric Decker WR Denver Broncos, Antonio Brown WR Pittsburg Steelers


Round 7, pick 63

Antonio Brown WR Pittsburgh Steelers: I figured Brown would go early, given the receiver situation up in Pittsburgh. This might be the steal of my draft since word is that Pittsburgh is going to be airing it out this season.

Others considered: Eric Decker WR Denver Broncos, Torrey Smith WR Baltimore Ravens


Round 8, pick 78

Robert Meachem WR San Diego Chargers: Much like Brown, the previous pick I expected Meachem to be gone by this point. Meachem will be QB Phillip Rivers’ No.1  receiver in San Diego’s pass happy offense. I expect him to put up bigger numbers than he ever did in New Orleans.

Others considered: Denarius Moore WR Oakland Raiders, Reggie Wayne WR Indianapolis Colts



Round 9, pick 83

Mark Ingram RB New Orleans Saints: This pick was strictly to add some depth at RB. He’s in a crowded system and a sticky situation with all the turmoil surrounding the Saints. However, they’re not just gonna forget how to score and Ingram should benefit from being the No.1 back in that system.

Others considered: Ben Roethlisberger QB Pittsburgh Steelers, Jay Cutler QB Chicago Bears


Round 10, pick 98

Sidney Rice WR Seattle Seahawks: Adding more depth here. This is another No.1 receiver that slipped in our draft. I took him here because when he’s healthy he’s a game changer and with RB Marshawn Lynch’s pending suspension, Rice will be the focal point of the Seahawks’ offense. Oh yeah and they finally went out and got themselves a legit quarterback.

Others considered: Jacob Tamme TE Denver Broncos, Mike Williams WR Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Round 11, pick 103

Jay Cutler QB Chicago Bears: I took Cutler here because I truly believe he’s in for a big season. He’s finally got a real threat at receiver and should return to his Pro Bowl type days of Denver. Specifically a depth pick, however he might serve as trade bait, especially if he has the season I think he’s capable of having.

Others considered: Josh Freeman QB Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Round 12, pick 118

Buffalo Bills D/ST: The addition of DE Mario Williams to what was already an impressive defensive line makes for great speculation on what kind of season the Bills’ D will have. I’m drinking the hype juice. I truly think this defense was built much like the Giants’ defense was built. If they will be as dominant still remains to be seen.

Other considerations: LeGarrette Blount RB Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kevin Smith RB Detroit Lions


Round 13, pick 123

Felix Jones RB Dallas Cowboys: I took Felix here as an insurance policy. Don’t expect much of a fantasy impact even with him returning kickoffs. He’ll be a valued possession if Murray goes down. So if you drafted Murray, Jones should be in your plan.

Other considerations: LeGarrette Blount RB Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kevin Smith RB Detroit Lions


Round 14, pick 138

Coby Fleener TE Indianapolis Colts: I believe, Fleener has the chance to be one of the better picks in this draft. Fleener is the one player rookie QB Andrew Luck will be completely familiar with. As we all know, rookie QBs love their TEs and if the history between these two has any say in it, Luck will look for Fleener more often than not.

Other considerations: Dustin Keller TE New York Jets, Owen Daniels TE Houston Texans.


Round 15, pick 143

Mason Crosby K Green Bay Packers: This guy outscored WR Vincent Jackson last year on more occasions than I would like to admit. Crosby has a huge leg and is very accurate. He’ll score a lot of points for you with that high octane Green Bay offense.

Other considerations: David Akers K San Francisco 49ers, Sebastian Janikowski K Oakland Raiders and Dan Bailey K Dallas Cowboys.


Round 16, pick 158

Randall Cobb WR Green Bay Packers: You heard it here first; Cobb will have a Laurent Robinson type season for the Packers this year. All reports so far lead me to believe this kid will be the No. 3 receiver in that crowded receiving corps for Green Bay. Talented kid with great upside and gives you value in the return game as well.

Other considerations: Andrew Luck QB Indianapolis Colts, Matt Flynn QB Seattle Seahawks


Overall I feel like I had a good draft filled with a solid mix of established fantasy players and some sleepers. Please let me know how you feel about my selections and the way you would have gone, in my position.

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