Fantasy Football 2012: Terrell Owens, No Way!

On Monday, 38 year-old wide receiver Terrell Owens did a workout for the Seattle Seahawks. Obviously, that workout went well, because quicker than you can say ‘Get your popcorn ready’, the Seahawks were working out a one-year deal for one of the most productive (and problematic) players in recent NFL history.

Now some of us old fantasy football vets will remember the days when Terrell Owens was one of the top wide receivers in the NFL. Owens, who was gracing the covers of video games in the middle of the last decade, was regularly one of the first wide outs taken in fantasy drafts for several years in a row. Owens, who will soon be playing for his sixth NFL team, was a dynamic talent, whose explosive nature was matched only by his explosive ego.

Those days, dear fantasy football team owners, are long gone. Owens, who still reportedly ran a sub-4.5 second 40-yard dash at his workout in Seattle, has always been an amazing physical specimen. Yet, a quick burst of speed and a good physique does not a fantasy football champion make.

Owens may still have the physical attributes to get on an NFL roster, but in Seattle, he will join a young team with a crowded receiving core. The Seahawks also have a quarterback controversy, which will give Owens an opportunity to wreck three qbs on a single team, instead of just one. There is a reason why Owens was passed over by every single NFL team as a free agent last year.

Owens may be given one last opportunity to stuff his Hall-of-Fame stats, but he may also be given one more chance to make his ride into the sunset more about himself and his ego than those statistics.

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