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Dallas Cowboys Receiver Miles Austin Not Worried About Hamstring Issues

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin says that he is not worried about his hamstring. You know, the one that caused him to miss almost all of last years training camp and six games during the season, nope, not worried.

Not only is he not worried, he doesn’t care that other people maybe worried. I’m sorry, worried is not the right word, concerned is more like it. Austin told, “it’s up to whoever to be concerned. Anybody who wants to be concerned can be concerned. I can’t focus on who’s concerned or who’s not concerned. I need to focus on getting back.”

Aside from setting the world record for using the word “concerned” a number of times in one quote, as a fantasy football owner, I am concerned. I’m guessing other fantasy players are concerned as well but should we be? No veteran likes training camp and they will usually do anything they can to miss any stretch of time. I’m not suggesting that Austin is faking it, only mentioning it as a thought.

Look, Miles Austin by his own admission did not come to training camp in the right kind of shape last year because of the lockout. Austin said he was in much better in shape for this training camp, something Cowboys wide receiver coach Jimmy Robinson agreed with, “I felt like he came in in really, really great shape.” So there you have it.

It also looks like what Austin is going through now is what is being called a “tweak” as opposed to a ‘strain’ or a ‘pull.’ And if you look at the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver options, there doesn’t seem to be many options after Austin and Dez Bryant so I get the feeling the Cowboys are making sure they have their starting wide receivers healthy for the beginning of the season. This appears to be the Cowboys organization being overly cautious with a player they desperately need to stay healthy.

So I guess Miles Austin is right, there is no reason to be “concerned,” but isn’t that what all fantasy owners do? We prepare for our drafts by concerning ourselves with getting the players who we know we can count on and who will stay healthy. Right now Miles Austin is giving us all a reason to be concerned.