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Fantasy Football 2012: Drafting Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow or Both

In case you haven’t heard, read, or seen, the New York Jets made the off season pick up of quarterback Tim Tebow. Ever since, that acquisition has become the most over-hyped, inflated, and nauseating story in the NFL. Never before in the history of American football has a back-up quarterback’s journey been so dissected and overblown. The old theory states that if a team needs two quarterbacks, then that means that they don’t have any good ones. The battle of playing time between Tebow and starting quarterback Mark Sanchez will play out during the regular season, but the fantasy football impact of this quarterback combo is yet to be determined.

New York head coach Rex Ryan has been his usual flippant self, bouncing between ideas of how much and how little Tebow will see the field. Tebow has been practicing with the first and second offense as a quarterback, full back, and receiver. Tebow has also practiced with the special teams unit. During a red zone practice with the first-team offense last week, Tebow ran in one touchdown and threw for another.

The Jets are not known to be a high-powered offense, and aside from Tebow, New York have very few offensive weapons. For the Jets and their current starting quarterback, this whole fiasco seems to be more of a deterrent than a prospect. For fantasy football owners, this whole offense could be poison or gold. With fantasy drafts starting up soon, team owners have no choice but to take the plunge or bite the bullet with the Jets. If you’re planning on drafting Sanchez or Tebow, you might as well plan on drafting them both.