Rant Sports 2012 Fantasy Football Mock Draft 3: Team 5 Analysis

By Jesus Flores

The 2012 fantasy football season is right around the corner and, as I mentioned previously, it’s good practice to take part in some fantasy mock drafts whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner.

Here are the results of the 3rd RantSports.com writers’ 2012 Fantasy Football Mock Draft.

I will give you my reasoning behind every pick I made, after you review it let me know what you think.


Round 1, Pick 5

Calvin Johnson WR Detroit Lions: No hesitation here.  Johnson was my pick as soon as I found out I’d be picking with the 5th overall pick.  I figured the top quarterback and top three running backs would be off the board by the 5th pick, so I took the top wide receiver.

Others considered: Tom Brady QB New England Patriots



Round 2, Pick 6

Matthew Stafford QB Detroit Lions: I took Stafford here because he had a monster 2011 season and looks to keep building on that in 2012.  Not to mention he’ll be delivering touchdown throws to my previous pick in Johnson.

Others considered: Julio Jones WR Atlanta Falcons, DeMarco Murray RB Dallas Cowboys, Darren McFadden RB Oakland Raiders



Round 3, Pick 5

Andre Johnson WR Houston Texans: Andre Johnson in the third round is unheard of.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to draft arguably the second/third best receiver in the NFL here.

Others considered: Brandon Marshall WR Chicago Bears, Steve Smith WR Carolina Panthers



Round 4, Pick 6

Dez Bryant WR Dallas Cowboys: I took Bryant here to round out my trio of big play wide receivers.  All reports out of Cowboys training camp say that Bryant looks like a man amongst boys.  If he remains healthy, he will undoubtedly be Tony Romo’s go-to-guy.

Others considered: Steven Jackson RB St. Louis Rams, Frank Gore RB San Francisco 49ers



Round 5, pick 5

Frank Gore RB San Francisco 49ers: With the elite running backs pool drying up I had to make a move for a quality running back here. To my amazement Gore was still available.  I know San Francisco is trying to incorporate the passing game more, but their bread and butter is the running game and defense. I don’t expect them to go away from that in 2012.

Others considered: Darren Sproles RB New Orleans Saints



Round 6, pick 6

Vincent Jackson WR Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I took V-Jax here to add depth to my wide receiving corps.  He will be the No. 1 receiver in Tampa Bay, in an offense that has some big play ability.  I think he dropped in the draft cause he’s not exactly the most reliable receiver, but his big play ability was hard to pass up here.

Others considered: Stevan Ridley RB New England Patriots


Round 7, pick 5

Torrey Smith WR Baltimore Ravens: I Took Smith here for the same reasons I took Jackson with my previous pick.  Smith could be Baltimore’s only real threat in the passing game, especially now that Anquan Boldin is really starting to slow down.

Others considered: Stevan Ridley RB New England Patriots


Round 8, pick 6

David Wilson RB New York Giants: I was really hoping Ridley would still be available; unfortunately Ridley was selected four picks before me.  My back up plan is Giants rookie running back David Wilson.  Ahmad Bradshaw chose to avoid off-season surgery and I truly believe it’s a matter of time before his problematic foot gives him troubles again.  This will effectively end Bradshaw’s tenure as the Giants’ starter.

Others considered: Peyton Hillis RB Kansas City Chiefs, Isaac Redman RB Pittsburgh Steelers



Round 9, pick 5

Mark Ingram RB New Orleans Saints: I honestly feel lucky to land a starting running back this late. Previous to my selection, Hillis and Redman were both selected.  I think Ingram is going to have a great season because Sean Payton won’t be calling the plays this season.  One thing I saw in their two pre-season games is that Ingram will get the goal-line carries.

Others considered: C.J. Spiller RB Buffalo Bills, Kevin Smith RB Detroit Lions


Round 10, pick 6:

Green Bay Packers DS/T: This defense is going to get back to its quarterback-destroying ways this season.  The addition of outside linebacker Nick Perry to go with Clay Mathews is going to be one of, if not the best, outside linebacker pass-rushing duos and this defense is already known for causing a lot of turnovers. That should continue in 2012.

Others considered: Kevin Smith RB Detroit Lions, Philadelphia Eagles DS/T and Dallas Cowboys DS/T


Round 11, pick 5

Jermaine Gresham TE Cincinnati Bengals: I decided this was a good place to take Gresham, who I think is one of the most underrated pass-catching tight ends in the league.  In his second season with quarterback Andy Dalton, I look for Gresham to improve on his 2011 numbers. I think this is a great value pick this late in the draft like I explained in my 2012 Fantasy Football Tight Ends article.

Others considered: Brandon Pettigrew TE Detroit Lions


Round 12, pick 6:

Ben Roethlisberger QB Pittsburgh Steelers: Normally a pretty solid fantasy quarterback, but recent injuries have caused Roethlisberger to plummet down draft boards.  Well, that and the fact that No. 1 receiver Mike Wallace is not in camp, can’t help his stock.  I took him here strictly as a backup.

Others considered: Andy Dalton QB Cincinnati Bengals, Josh Freeman QB Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Andrew Luck QB Indianapolis Colts



Round 13, pick 5

Dan Bailey K Dallas Cowboys: Bailey’s only missed one kick since the beginning of training camp.  He’s on a high-powered offense in Dallas that should get him plenty of scoring opportunities.

Others Considered: Ryan Williams RB Arizona Cardinals



Round 14, pick 6

Alshon Jeffery WR Chicago Bears: I took Jeffery here because reports out of Bears camp all point to this kid being involved early and often in the Bears passing game.  Jeffery has been impressive so far.

Others considered: Felix Jones RB Dallas Cowboys


Round 15, pick 5

Jacquizz Rodgers RB Atlanta Falcons: I think Rodgers is going to be a bigger part of the Falcons’ offense than we’re being led to believe.  Michael Turner looked sluggish in his first pre-season action.  I believe that Rodgers is the future at running back for the Falcons.

Others considered: LeGarrete Blount RB Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Please let me know how you feel about my selections and the way you would have gone, had you been picking where I was picking.

As always thanks for checking us out on RantSports.com


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