Tony Romo's 2012 Fantasy Football ADP Makes Him A Great Value Pick

By Jesus Flores

The NFL pre-season is officially under way.  You’re probably paying attention to just about every game trying to figure out what strategy to use during your fantasy draft.

In previous years, I’ve liked going with running backs early and often.

However, with the emergence of pass-friendly offenses like New Orleans and Green Bay, it’s becoming more common to see quarterbacks getting selected in the early rounds of the draft.

You shouldn’t jump the gun on a quarterback though, because once the big three – Aaron RodgersDrew Brees and Tom Brady – are off the board, the rankings are much closer than you’re led to believe.

Take for example, Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo.  If you go to any fantasy football site which ranks players and filters the results by points scored, you can see that Romo is ranked right around eighth in points overall and about seventh in points per game.

This means that Romo is ranked as the sixth-to-ninth overall quarterback.  His current ADP (Average Draft Position) is the 7th pick in the 6th round.  You might even be able to snag Romo up later than that.

Last season, Matthew Stafford and Cam Newton’s points per game were only a couple of points higher than Romo’s numbers.  This season both of those quarterbacks are going to cost you a second round pick.  Stafford’s ADP is the 3rd pick in the 2nd round and Newton’s ADP is the 10th pick in the 2nd round.

What you could do with your second-round pick is draft one of the stud running backs that are sliding down the board.  The difference in points per game from a 2nd round running back to those of a 5th-6th round running back is more than just a couple.

This means that you can go forth with your draft strategy, knowing that you can wait to pick up the Cowboys’ signal caller who’s poised to have another career season in 2012.

















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