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2012 Fantasy Football: WR Rankings

Here are my rankings for wide receiver:

1. CALVIN JOHNSON: Simply the best receiver in the game, and fantasy. If Matt Stafford stays healthy, no reason he can’t have similar stats to last years of over 1600 yards & 16 touchdowns.

2. JULIO JONES: I am expecting huge things from Jones this year. He’s going to be the new #1 in the Atlanta Falcons passing offense. He’s ahead of  Larry Fitzgerald because of the quarterback.

3. LARRY FITZGERALD: If he had a quarterback any of us could trust he’s be #2. He always puts up numbers no matter who throws him the ball.

4. A.J. GREEN: No real difference in Green and Jones except that Jones has a more trusted QB in a passing offense, almost the exact opposite for Green. Still love his game and he will put up great stats regardless.

5. GREG JENNINGS: Clearly the top receiver in a passing offense. He’s been a little banged up in pre-season but I wouldn’t be too worried. 1200 yards & 12 touchdowns seem likely.

6. HAKEEM NICKS: He’s been taken off the PUP list and will be ready to roll in a few weeks. He was a tad snake bit with nagging injuries last year but he’s the better receiver for the New York Giants.

7. ANDRE JOHNSON: A really great receiver who just gets injured too much for me. He’s never scored double digit touchdowns either. If you like 11 or 12 really good weeks, Johnson’s your man. I will look elsewhere.

8. DEZ BRYANT: If the training camp reports are true he will breakout huge this season. He’s just got to stay healthy.

9. BRANDON MARSHALL: Reunited with Jay Cutler, the quarterback with whom he’s had his best seasons. Monster in a PPR league. if he scored a few more touchdowns he’s be higher on the list.

10. RODDY WHITE: Will now play second fiddle to Julio Jones in Atlanta. Not to worry though, there will be plenty of balls to go around.

11. WES WELKER: Not slowing down much and the New England Patriots love to throw it but the tight ends and Brandon Lloyd will eat into some of his production.

12. MIKE WALLACE: I know that he’s holding out, otherwise he’d be much higher on the list but he’s still going to be real dangerous in a passing offense, just a little less productive without training camp.

13. PERCY HARVIN: When the Minnesota Vikings decided to get him the touches he needs in the second half of last year they got great results. Loving the Harvin/Christian Ponder combo.

14. VICTOR CRUZ: Came out of nowhere last year to be a monster but you can’t expect him to have those long touchdowns again this year. Nicks is the better play.

15. MARQUES COLSTON: The number 1 option in a domed teams passing offense. And Drew Brees is his quarterback, which looks good to me. A great #2 and someone who you can get a round or two later than some others.

16. JEREMY MACLIN: Unlike last year when he came into the season with a mysterious illness, Maclin is healthy and ready to roll this year. He’s primed for a big season, like him a ton more than DeSean Jackson.

17. MILES AUSTIN: His hamstring isn’t that bad, the Dallas Cowboys need Austin to be healthy and are just being very cautious. Probably a little low on the list and he seems determined to have a really nice year.

18. JORDY NELSON: He’s not going to have a repeat of last year but even a small regression will see him have great numbers. Not as valuable in a PPR league.

19. DWAYNE BOWE: Another receiver who’s holdout is dropping him down in the rankings. Not a huge fan of Matt Cassel so I’m not a huge fan of Bowe either.

20. STEVE SMITH (CAR): The only true weapon for Cam Newton so he’s going to put up good numbers and it didn’t look like he was slowing down last year.

21. DEMARYIUS THOMAS: Hard not to like Thomas when Peyton Manning is throwing him the ball. The big play potential is there.

22. VINCENT JACKSON: Not sure the change of scenery is going to work wonders for Jackson since he’s in more of a running offense now but he’ll still be productive.

23. ANTONIO BROWN: Came on like crazy at the end of last year but I’m guessing teams will pay more attention to him this season. He could jump up this list if Mike Wallace isn’t up to speed or if he could catch more touchdowns.

24. BRANDON LLOYD: I keep hearing people say that Lloyd won’t be as good as we think because he’s sharing with Welker and the tight ends but I think it’s the other way around. Llyod will steal looks from them all and I think will have a great year & you can get him at a value spot in the draft, 6th or 7th rounds.

25. ERIC DECKER: Peyton Manning wanted the Indianapolis Colts to draft him a few years ago and now he’s got him. He’s going to work really well with Manning and he’s going to have a great year.

26. DeSEAN JACKSON: He’s a boom or bust type of receiver. He can win or lose you weeks, I’m not a fan of those types of players.

27. STEVE JOHNSON: He’s the top receiver in a passer friendly offense, over 1000 yards and 7 or 8 touchdowns sound about right.

28. SANTONIO HOLMES: He’s not real explosive and there are no other receiving options on the New York Jets. To me he’s a 4th wideout on your team.

29. TORREY SMITH: If the Baltimore Ravens had a more creative offense I’d rank him higher but they do take their shots down the field; Smith is the deep threat in Baltimore so it makes sense that he’ll take over for Anquan Boldin as the Ravens top receiver.

30. GREG LITTLE: Showed some signs of being a good receiver last year in Cleveland but  he’s going to have a more reliable QB and I like him to have a nice year.

31. PIERRE GARCON: New guy on the block in Washington and he’s got a shot to be the top guy in an offense with a rookie QB. Not sure his numbers jump drastically from where they’ve been in his career.

32. DENARIUS MOORE: The Oakland Raiders love to throw the ball down the field and Carson Palmer throws a great deep ball. He’s got great speed and if he could stay healthy he’ll put up great stats.

33. TITUS YOUNG: I like him to take a nice leap this year. It all hinges on Matt Stafford staying healthy but 1000 yards is not out of the question.

34. REGGIE WAYNE: The number 1 target in Indianapolis will have a better year than he did last year, a resurgence with Andrew Luck.

35. MALCOLM FLOYD: Philip Rivers‘ main target down the field makes him a threat for around 1000 yards and a handful of touchdowns, he just needs to stay healthy.

36. RANDY MOSS: He’s here because I don’t believe in any of the other San Francisco 49ers receivers so I would take a chance on him late in drafts.

37. NATE WASHINGTON: Britt is coming off knee surgery and a visit to Mr. Goodell‘s office, not good. Washington always seems to be underrated and puts up solid numbers that you can find deep in drafts.

38. RANDALL COBB: A player you should take a shot on late in the draft. He’s good the speed and skills to succeed in Green Bay.

39. JUSTIN BLACKMON: His late start won’t help, neither will having no MJD in the lineup, or a quarterback who can get him the ball consistently. Take earlier in a dynasty league.

40. DARRIUS HEYWARD-BEY: If he could stay healthy…well just go reread what I said about Moore because it applies here