5 Things to Keep in Mind as the Fantasy Baseball Playoffs Approach

The fantasy baseball season is only a couple weeks away from starting the playoffs and for the lucky few that are playoff-bound; it is getting into crunch time. The summer months may be here and the warm weather along with it, but there is still a lot of work to be done.  This is the time to trust your instincts, but it is also time to be open to advice and listen to logic.    So to help you win your title, here are the five most important things to keep in mind as you head into your fantasy baseball playoffs:

5. Stick with your Sticks:

Always stay with your big bats down the stretch.  Los Angeles’ first basemen Albert Pujols struggled for months, as has  Boston’s Adrian Gonzalez, but they both have since turned things around.   Make sure to stick with the sticks that got you into the playoffs, because even if they are on a cold streak, they can turn it back around with one swing of the bat.

4. Watch Your Closers Closely:

This has to have been the shakiest year for the closer position in the history of fantasy baseball.  It seems like every single team has had at least one closer end up on the DL, so the waiver wire has become a saving grace for a majority of the fantasy community that has been in need of a closer. Make sure to keep a constant eye on your closers, because they could be DL-bound at any given moment.

3. Stay Young:

As the season moves into September many of the older players will begin to break down.  Just keep in mind that it may be better to start a younger guy, like Chicago Cubs’ Starlin Castro, down the stretch as opposed to an injury risk option, like Philadelphia Phillies’ Jimmy Rollins.  Younger players are much more likely to play in every game, as veterans tend to get the occasional days off.

2. Load up on Starting Pitchers:

Pitching wins championships every single season.  Most leagues allow fantasy owners to start pitchers that make two starts in a week, so it is very advantageous to have as many experienced arms as possible.  Mare sure to especially load up on veterans, as many of the younger arms will start to hit their innings cap (i.e. Stephen Strasburg).  The more starts your pitchers can have in a given week; the more points you can get from your fantasy rotation.

1. Pay Attention to the MLB Playoff Chase:

Every year there are a handful of All-Star players who end up taking it easy over the last couple weeks of the season, because simply their team is way out of contention.  This may be unavoidable in some circumstances, depending on how small your bench is, but it may be better to start a player on a team that is threatening, as opposed to a team that is stagnate and already thinking about next season.

Watch Out For: 2B Jose Altuve (HOU), OF Ryan Braun (MIL), OF Alex Gordon (KC)


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