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Fantasy Football 2012: Do Your Homework

There’s always one or two people in your fantasy football draft that show up with a stack of papers, scribbled footnotes, and three or four draft magazines. These guys do all the studying that they can, reading books, doing mock drafts, and skimming through blogs such as this one. Doing your ‘homework’ when it comes to fantasy football drafts is a key element to victory, especially when it comes to injuries, but sometimes too much work leads to doubt and over-thinking.

There also always seems to be one team owner in every draft that shows up without any study guides or cheat sheets. These guys come in at the last moment, have to borrow a pen from someone else, and end up drafting a dominant championship team. Cases such as these are similar to a poker player who pushes all of his chips into the pot without ever looking at his hand. Sometimes the stars will align and these hands win, and when they do, it drives the people who studied all summer for the draft absolutely crazy.

The good thing about fantasy football, is that even a person who is relatively new or who knows little about sports can simply draft on big name recognition alone. If these rookie team owners happen to draft a kicker in the third round, no one else is going to tell them not to. It’s a free country after all, and when it comes to fantasy games, we are all equal in week one. So, it’s good to study up and to pay attention to injuries and free agents. But don’t overdo it, because too much work can lead to over-thinking, and to an eventual downfall, when your clock runs out and your computer autopicks for you.

After all, it’s only a game.