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Fantasy Football 2012: Avoid Free Agent Frenzy

So, a fantasy football team owner spends all summer with his head buried in an NFL magazine. He comes to the draft with dozens of tip sheets and notes, consistently debating over his pics, and getting angry over everyone else’s. These type of team owners will often be heard to shout ‘Ah! You stole MY GUY!’ several times during the draft.

No matter what your approach is when it comes to building a fantasy football team, a little studying and knowledge of the game will go a long way towards helping you draft a decent team from top to bottom. All a team owner needs to know is to make sure all their positions are full and backed-up. Once your team is drafted, and your roster spots are all spoken for, then it’s best to simply sit back and watch how the chips fall once the season starts.

Of course, injuries are a natural part of the game. When injuries occur, the free agent pool is always there to help an owner reload their team. If a big name quarterback goes down, it’s good to get his back-up from free agency, or sometimes a undrafted dark horse player will come out of nowhere and surprise the league. Undrafted fantasy free agents can be very beneficial when picked up as needed.

However, some team owners decide to hoard free agents, gutting their entire team over and over again, in hopes that some one-week wonders will be the next big thing. One must try and resist the urge to purge the team you drafted, especially before the season even starts. Give your investment time to prosper before snagging up the latest trendy free agent pick-up on the market. Besides, nothing hurts worse than dropping a player, just to see him blow up on someone else’s team.