Michael Vick No Longer Worth the Risk Early in 2012 Fantasy Football Drafts

By Andrew Fisher

If you were thinking this year was going to be different for Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick, unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case. Just two games into the preseason, Vick has already suffered an injury in both contests.

Most recently of course when Vick left Monday’s game against the New England Patriots after taking a shot from linebacker Jermaine Cunningham. Now x-rays came back negative on his ribs, but Fantasy Football owners everywhere have to stand up and take notice.

Drafting Vick is always a high risk/reward situation, that’s no secret… but is this finally the point where it’s just not worth it at all?

For me that answer is yes. Mainly because I took him in the first round last year, and we all know how that worked out for me and anyone who did the same. Vick has a ceiling as high as anyone in the league when it comes to fantasy points, but I’m afraid he will never reach his 2010 numbers again.

So where should owners be looking to draft Vick?

In the mock drafts I’ve done, Vick has been available as late as the 5th round. Given these early injuries, I expect that to be an average place for him going forward. Anything earlier than round 5 is just too early, and not worth the risk.

I think it goes without saying, that if you do draft Vick, a quality backup is a necessity. So drafting him basically requires you to burn 2 of your first 7 or 8 picks on quarterbacks, which I wouldn’t recommend.

If you really want a dual threat quarterback, Cam Newton should be your target, not Michael Vick. Vick is certainly still worth drafting, but only if you don’t have to go out of your way to get him, and if you can secure that quality backup.

I won’t be surprised if Vick has a good season in 2012, but the odds are that he will miss some time throughout the year. After all, he’s only played a full season one time in his career.

To avoid complications on your roster, the safe bet is just to avoid No. 7 all together…

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