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Fantasy Football 2012: Ten Most Overrated Players

Anything by Justin Bieber. The Dallas Cowboys, every single year. Red Bull because it’s not even in the same ballpark as Monster.  New Year’s Eve. Blake Griffin. Starbucks. Six Flags Great America. Captain Morgans (Admiral Nelsons is half the price.  You think you can tell the difference? Then you’re not drinking enough). The Philadelphia Phillies. Nicki Minaj, we can’t understand you. Cool Ranch Doritos (Nacho Cheese Baby). Green Day.

And the category is? If you guessed “things this Chicago Cubs fan hates more than 106 years of losing,” you would be correct. If you guessed “things that are overrated,” you would be even more correct. Life is riddled with overrated, overhyped things, and fantasy football is no exception. Here is my list of the top 10 overrated players in this years fantasy football rankings.

10. Willis McGahee- Denver Broncos RB

McGahee was a very surprising running back in 2011-12. Following two unsuccessful seasons in Baltimore, he showed he still had some gas left in the tank and ran for nearly 1,200 yards and four scores. Even with this newfound success, he still had eight games where he failed to post double-digit fantasy points. He is another year older, on the wrong side of 30, and Peyton Manning is now in town. Look for Denver to employ a pass-heavy attack, which will limit McGahee’s touches and effectiveness. He has never been a good pass catching back, either, which does not bode well for him in the upcoming season. McGahee is currently ranked 44th, and with guys like BenJarvis Green-Ellis ranked behind him, I would opt for a less-risky back.

9.  Jonathon Stewart- Carolina Panthers RB

Stewart has always had to compete for carries with running mate DeAngelo Williams. But now he has to compete with the Panthers’ new addition and goal-line specialist, Mike Tolbert, too. Plus, Cam Newton will take his fair share of rushes, especially inside the five. Last year, when only competing with Williams and rookie Newton, Stewart posted five or fewer fantasy points six times. Look for his touchdowns and touches in general to decrease. Unless he falls to you in very late rounds,  I would steer clear of him.

8.  Vincent Jackson- Tampa Bay Buccaneers WR

Jackson did have 1100 yards and nine touchdowns last year, but he had single digit fantasy points in 10 of his 16 games and had three points or fewer in five of those games. Jackson’s effort has been questioned in the past and he seems to disappear for entire games at a time. He is now on a new team with a worse quarterback. Don’t expect number-one wide receiver numbers from Jackson this year. Jackson is going in the sixth round, but I would sooner take a chance on Percy Harvin or Dwayne Bowe.

7.  Roy Helu- Washington Redskins RB

I probably don’t have to remind you that Helu plays for the Redskins. Washington’s coach, Mike Shanahan, is notorious for torturing fantasy owners. Helu only ran for 640 yards in 2011 as Shanahan switched between him and Tim Hightower. This season, Helu will be competing with Hightower and rookie Evan Royster and no one knows what Shanahan is going to do.  I would stay far, far away from Helu this year.

6.  DeMarco Murray- Dallas Cowboys RB

Murray is an extremely high-risk, high-reward player. Last year, after being installed as the starter, he ran for almost 900 yards, including 253 in his first start. Murray is also a talented blocker and pass-catcher, which makes him an every-down back. He broke his ankle in week 14 last year, though, and has a history of leg injuries. He’s going in the second round, which is very high for such a risky player. With my second round pick, I would rather have a player who I at least know will be healthy, like Marshawn Lynch.

5.  Greg Jennings- Green Bay Packers WR

Jennings is the number one receiver for Aaron Rodgers, so where is the downside? The downside is that he wasn’t even the leading receiver on his own team last year, Jordy Nelson was. Plus, the Packers are very wealthy at the wide receiver position with Randall Cobb, James Jones and Jermichael Finley.  Jennings is going in the second round, Nelson in the fourth. So why take Jennings in the second when you can get better, or at least equal production, two rounds later? The answer is that you should not.

4.  Frank Gore- San Francisco 49ers RB

Gore is another year older and San Francisco did a lot of dealing in the offseason. They brought in Brandon Jacobs, drafted LaMichael James and added wide receivers. Plus, Kendall Hunter is still in the mix. Expect Gore’s opportunities to go way down. 2011 was also the first time since 2006 that Gore made it through all 16 games. He is a high-risk, low-reward player.

3.  Maurice Jones-Drew-  Jacksonville Jaguars RB

Jones-Drew won the rushing title in 2011, rushing for a career high 1,606 yards. He started to signs of wear and tear towards the end of the season, though, and his touchdown totals were down. Jacksonville is no doubt going to struggle on offense, so the opportunity for MJD to succeed is not as great as other top-tier running backs like Chris Johnson and Matt Forte.

2.  Jamaal Charles-  Kansas City Chiefs RB

Charles tore his ACL in only week two last season. He has never shown the capability to be a legitimate feature back in the NFL. Plus, Kansas City brought in Peyton Hillis this year for short yardage, which means Charles will not be seeing very many goal-line carries. He has plenty of potential, but again, for my second or third round pick, I would rather have more of a sure thing.

1.  Ryan Matthews-  San Diego Chargers RB

All the opportunity is there for Matthews in San Diego. The Chargers have been hoping for a feature back since Ladainian Tomlinson left. But injury after injury has left the Chargers still looking. Matthews has never shown the ability to stay healthy, and every time he gets hyped up, an injury shortly follows.  Now he enters this season with a broken collarbone, and hopes to be back by week three. Matthews is the riskiest player in fantasy this year, so don’t bank on him being your number one running back.

There is nothing more frustrating than being let down because someone/something is overrated.  That’s my list, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Here’s a few more, just for good measure. Guinness (Give me an ice-cold Bud Light any day). Sons of Anarchy (Lots of men in leather–I don’t get it).  5 Hour Energy (Again, I’ll take a Monster).  The Olympics. Soulja Boy–again, we can’t understand you. ESPN (Favre retired, Lebron did something stupid, Tebow Tebow Tebow. We get it).  Glee. Lady Gaga–get off the stage. Today’s music in general (The Beatles, The Stones, Zeppelin, Dylan. Name one thing that even compares to them today). And finally, all of this social media. Forget Twitter, AIM was where it was at.