5 Reasons Why Fantasy Football is Better than Fantasy Baseball

With the fantasy football season almost under way and the fantasy baseball season nearly completed, many people may feel conflicted as to which team to devote more attention to.  This internal debate is waged each season around this time of year and has claimed its fair share of victims.  To help make this decision easier, here are my top five reasons why fantasy football is better than its baseball counterpart:

5. Length of Season - There are only 13 weeks in the fantasy football regular season, as opposed to the grueling 23-week fantasy baseball season.  The fantasy baseball season is simply too tedious and it takes too long for a champion to be crowned.

4. Physicality of Game – It is no secret that football is a much more physical sport when compared to baseball.  NFL plays have been described as being in a car crash by numerous former players, and sometimes a player gets hit so hard you can hear it in the stands.  Fantasy football adds some toughness to the fantasy world and gives fantasy junkies the ability to trash talk with a little attitude.

3. Scoring, Scoring, and More Scoring – Football is a much more fast-paced game, so naturally there is more scoring.  Rarely are there games that end 10-7 in the NFL, but the MLB lives off of these types of low scoring games.  Nothing helps you score fantasy points, like Green Bay Packers quarterback,  Aaron Rodgers, dropping 49 points on the lowly Minnesota Vikings defense.

2. The Touchdown – There is no feeling more exhilarating than reaching pay-dirt in a football game, and the same rule applies for fantasy owners across the nation.   A 80-yard touchdown catch can get someone to jump out of their seat a lot faster than a 400-foot bomb to centerfield.  Touchdowns are the most interesting aspect of fantasy sports and they are the one statistic in which all other fantasy stats are judged.

1. Tim Tebow – The number one reason why fantasy football is better than fantasy baseball, you guessed it, Tim Tebow.  I mean, what would a fantasy season be without a New York Jets backup quarterback.


Check back to the fantasy section the rest of this week for our Fantasy Football Debates.

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