Jeff Gordon Leads Starting Lineup For Fantasy NASCAR

By lamarcolyer
Stew Milne-US Presswire

The Chase opener kicked off last week at Chicagoland Speedway, and if anybody owned race winner, Brad Keselowski, or Jimmie Johnson, then chances are that individual had a pretty productive day in Fantasy.

However, this week, the Sprint Cup Series drivers head to the flat track of Loudon, NH.

This time around, Keselowski nor Johnson should be the first choice for your lineup.

Remember, if anybody plays Fantasy NASCAR, then they are aware an individual can only spend up to 100 dollars. The elite drivers take up, at least, one-fourth of that payroll.  Therefore, all drivers must be taken into consideration each week.

If anyone needs to decide which elite drivers to choose from, it should be Jeff Gordon and Denny Hamiln.

Gordon’s bad luck returned, last week, at Chicagoland – no thanks to a broken throttle – while running top five.  In response, he returns to New Hampshire and wins his 72nd career pole, third most of all-time.  Gordon had the best 10-lap consecutive average in practice two, and was 10th best in practice three.  Since he’s starting from the pole, Gordon will pick up some extra fantasy points by leading laps.

Hamiln, on the other hand, is starting 32nd due to forgetting to change tire pressures for qualifying.  Based off what I’ve read, it was said he guaranteed a victory Sunday.  My guess is that Hamiln didn’t run 10 consecutive laps in practice two, seeing as though his name wasn’t on the list.  Although, in practice three, he was the best in that category.  Hamiln might be starting in the back, but that makes the choice make more sense.  The further a driver starts back, the more spots the driver gains, the more points received.

The rest of the starting five should consist of Clint Bowyer, Bobby Labonte, and Mike Olsen.

Loudon is one of Bowyer’s best race tracks; he has two wins with one-fourth of his career laps led total being there. In both practices, he was second and third, respectively, in 10-lap averages.  All indications tell me he’ll be a threat before the race comes to a close. Bowyer starts 12th.

Now, this is where the filler drivers come into the equation.

Labonte is arguably the best within that category.

He won’t get a win, lead laps, or finish top ten; that is what the elite drivers are for.  He can get a top 25, and occasionally a top 20.  He’s starting 17th; that’s the only concern.  I’m not so certain he’ll stay there; he might hurt rather than help.  Nonetheless, it is a chance players should be willing to take.

And last but not least, there’s Olsen.  Who, right?  My thoughts exactly.  I don’t know who he is, but he is driving the #32 car.  Olsen isn’t a flashy pick by any means, and I consider him driving for an under-funded team.  The great part is that team isn’t a go-or-go-homer.  They finish every race.  In fact, a player should always choose whoever is driving that car as a filler.

And if your not comfortable with that lineup, consider drivers like Tony Stewart, Kasey Kahne, Joey Logano, and fillers Landon Cassill or Travis Kvapil.  Not just that, but any combination of comparison will do.




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